Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



The waxing moon
is under apron, hiding her countenance
chased by
wilful clouds
when the beautiful lake
far away
” Won’t you come out ?”

The waving ships
move lazily
towards the west
and yell against
the somber clouds
which encase
beautiful horizon.

The frivolous wind
is of no worth
but enraged
into mesmerized whim.

and beetles
plod through grass
balmy sunny rays
to be wrought
in yellowish jewel!

And the serene sky
is restless—
and drifts the clouds
for a quest of
the vigilant moon.

Then moon’s
blushing beauty
pervades across
over numb twigs and petals
to dance
in ecstasy!

Copyrights by
Bam Dev Sharma


Bewildered Joy

The numb atmosphere
Is soaked with dew
Mesmerized in embers 
When tulips in blush
Ruffle with flight wind
To play music
As if songs are sung by
The whispering trees!

The submissive earth
Sprawls its apron
And spikes of chestnut trees
As trawl with jostling squirrels.

The balmy sun
Pierces through the earth
To rouse beguiled dreams
Like butterflies
Spanking and darting across
In bewildered with Joy !

Copyrights By 
Bam Dev Sharma 

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