Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


That parallel world

have you felt a guilt of being in light
For dreaming of a stolen kiss
In a summer clear starry night..

For riding the horse of joy
Galloping with winds of bliss
Flying like a feather..quite high..

Have you felt a prick swallowing your gulp
Enjoying the food..tasting some bitterness
Hoping for brighter days..and eternal happiness..

Closing eyes, waiting for a new dawn
Dreaming of sunny rays caressing a field of pine
Forgetting the world.its nightmares and ugliness

Forgetting other world..parallel but far
Where dreams content of a ceiling and bread
Where mothers weep..behind doors ajar…

Where children,lost in misery,with wet eyes
Hunger and needs are beyond grave of loss
And turbulence of day t o day,hide the stars..

Behind the sun..behind the light
Where hearts are the homes..and tears the rain
Dwelling the world of pain..parallel but far..

By Hana Shishiny
September 2017


The guirland of your words

Naked like a timid dawn on your strand
Like a poem lost in the breeze of night
Showered with words in flowery guirland
Wetting feet in your sea’s delights…

Treasuring past moments of togetherness
When moon rippling silver..caressing waves
Murmurs of love in silent tightness
Now memories in a lovelorn heart to save.

O hidden dreams..sailed with life
Now nothing left but your poems words
Flowers…covering my naked soul, in strife
Petals of love.flowers of faraway bounds…

By Hana Shishiny
September 2017


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