The Spirit of Man / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The Spirit of Man
The more you trample on it
The higher it bounces up
The spirit of man is mercurial
It surpasses all horizons till it plays
‘”I Spy ” with the zenith
An Artesian Well of bubbling lava
Chasms that can tear apart stubborn rock
A ragamuffin beggar in a ripped vest
With maniacal eyes that inflame a river
A tiny grain of sand on a lonely beach
Transforming into a power house of strength
Riding stallions of Arabian descent
It gallops unbridled into the land of gods
It shakes the monoliths of ancient vintage
With its hypnotic eyes that breathe fire
It swims across the Indian Ocean
Embracing the globe in its tenacious arms
It strides up Everests of icy pinnacles
To emblazon its name where none had dared
The spirit of man is a Wandering Albatross
Majestic in its span of wing
For who dare pull down the one
Whom the Lord decided to bless ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 7.9.2017

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