By: Nayanika Dey

Muhammad Shanazar, a poet and translator from Pakistan already possesses several international distinctions like World Icon of Peace, Universal Inspirational Poet, 1st Four Star Ambassador in the World, Extra-Ordinary Ambassador for Gratis Culture, Cross for Peace, Cross for Literature, Secretary General World Union of Poets, Secretary General World Institute for Peace and many others. On account of his poetic devotion and sincerity, day by day, he is rising the stairs of eminence, as the world has begun to pay heed to his literary pieces.

International Writers and Artists Association (IWA) U.S.A keeps on introducing the outstanding works of the poets and writers and every year the central committee of IWA recommends its deserving authors for the Nobel Prize for Literature, Peace and Science.

Honorable Teresinka Pereira, the President of International Writers and Artists Association (IWA), U.S.A has posted through regular post five poems of Muhammad Shanazar, for critical appreciation, publication in different international journals and most of all to introduce him worldwide. The poems she posted are, The Dance of Darkness, Poetry: My Sweetheart, Protest of the Phantoms, A Falsehood, and A Planet of the Stepmother. These poems have been sent to all about 1750 members of IWA scattered worldwide in 156 countries, names of a few prestigious and renowned members to whom his work has been introduced are Mr. Jose Civasaqui (Japan), M.S Venkata Ramaiah (India), Ms. Christine H. Purves (U.S.A), Dr. Denis Koulentianos (Greece), Prof. Dr. Roger Haw Boon Hong (Malaysia), Poet Eric Chaet (U.S.A), Poet Stephen T. Booker (U.S.A), Poet Choi Lai Sheung (Hong Kong), Marquis K. Vella Harber (Malta), Prince Waldimar Baroni Santos (Brazil), Don Ciro Punzo, Prince of Cnosso and Manzanille (Italy), Lord Victo Busa, President of  International States Parliament for Safety and Peace), Prince of Dom Duarte Nuno (Portugal), Dr. Denis Kelleher Muhilly, President of American International University (U.S.A), Dr. Fernado Henrique, former President of Brazil (1994-2002), Dr. Aecio Neves (Governor of Minas Gerias), Leonardo Boff (Brazil), Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize in Literature 1993, (U.S.A), Avram Noam Chomsky Nobel Prize in Literature 1984, (U.S.A), Rigoberta Menchu recipient of Nobel Prize in Peace 1992 (Guatemala), Fidel Castro (Cuba) and many more.

Muhammad Shanazar

Muhammad Shanazar while being interviewed online he said, “I am grateful to God Almighty who bestowed me with His numerous blessings, else a man like me, born in very humble surroundings in the region of Pothwar, Pakistan, remotely linked with the English speaking world and who went through a very arduous route of life could not even think to be placed in the list of immortals. International Writers and Artists Association (IWA) very generously conferred upon me lifetime honorary membership on 28th August, 2014 and since then it has been taking steps to encourage me in making more efforts and thanks to God I am heading to the destination with the cooperation of my seniors”.

International Writers and Artists Association (U.S.A) was founded in 1978, to promote understanding, friendship and literature/art exchange in the five continents. It deals with the concerns of war, ozone and soil depletion, pollution, racism, sexism, human rights, violation and homelessness. It supports the rights and freedom in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all people, everywhere. It respects all cultures and ethnic traditions, freedom of speech and diversity and negates racism, sexism and violation of fundamental human rights. IWA recognizes and pays homage to great creators who are anonymous. It also functions as a nominator of writers for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Peace and Science.


Treresinka Pereira 

At present Honorable Teresinka Pereira is the President of IWA, she was born in Brazil but now resides in Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. She is also an Ambassador and Senator of the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace, and Minister of Human Rights for the World Organization of Indigenous People. She received from the Knight of Malta ‘The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the hereditary title of ‘Dame of Grace’ in 1997. She received the noble title of ‘Dame of Magistral Grace’ from Prince Dom Waldemar Baroni Santos (Brazil) for her literary merits. She was also bestowed upon the title of ‘Gran Dama della Crisalide’ (Cavaliere della Arti), Great Dame of the Knighthood of the Art, by the Count Giuseppe B. Raddino, Catania, Italy, and in 2008 she received the title of ‘Countess’, She received the National Prize for Theatre in Brazil, she was also nominated ‘Poet of the Year’ by the Canadian Society of Poets, and in 1992, she was nominated ‘Personality of the Year’ by the Brazilian Writers Union. She was awarded a   golden ‘Laurel Wreath’ as ‘Laureate Women of Letters’ by the United Poets Laureates International. In 1994, she won ‘Su-Se Ru International Literary Prize’ from Korea and in the same year she received ‘The Prize City of Athens, from Greece. In 2003, she was elected ‘International President of the Society of Latin Culture’, and in 2010, she was elected, ‘International President of Honor of the Association of Hispanic Writers’. She is a member of the North American Academy of Spanish Language correspondent of   the Royal Spanish Academy. She is a recipient of the ISPSP Medal, it was given away to her by Sergio Vieira de Melo, the UN Commissioner who died in a terrorist attack in Baghdad, in 2003. She also received the title of    ‘Countess di Santa Sofia de Heristal and Gran Dama de Giustizia from the Ordina del Cavalieri della Tavola Rolonda Catani, Italia. Teresikna Periera has authored 40 books, she wrote 850 essays and 3000 poems and published them in international press, she is also an advocate of Human Rights Watch Org. in U.S.A.

Teresikna Pereira possesses several Ph. Ds., she also remained representative and occupied prestigious positions in the famous international educational institutions, peruse the following list:

  1. D in Romance Language from the University of New Mexico, U.S.A (1973)
  2. Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Simon Bolivar, Columbia. (1997)
  3. Professor Honoris Causa from the International Akademie St. Luka at Antwerpen. (1999)
  4. Doctor Honoris Causa/ Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, from the Academy of Culture and Political Science, Moldova. (2000)
  5. Doctor Honoris Causa/ Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, from the Academy of Culture and Political Science, Germany. (2001)
  6. D in Political Sciences and Doctor Honoris Causa from The American International University of Paramaribo, Surimani. (2002)
  7. Doctor in Literature (Litt. D) from World Academy of Arts and Culture, U.S.A. (2002)
  8. Poeta Honoris Causa from the Clube Brasileiro da Lingua Portugusea. (Oct. 7, 2007)
  9. Chancellor delegate in U.S.A, from the Cambridge International University. (Feb.25, 2003)
  10. Honaray President of the Hispanic Association of Writers. (June, 2007)
  11. Honarary Ambassador of the International Forum for Literature, Arts and Culture.


Here are the poems circulated worldwide for reading and critical appreciation:


The Dance Of Darkness

      (Dedicated to the Victims of Nuclear Weapons)


Though in the later years I was born,

Yet history makes me forlorn,

Rocks me back in the past behind

To the horrible event and tragic morn.


I see the roses with blighted faces,

Satchels on backs, toddling to schools,

Playing in parks, swimming in pools,

The men, women and the old folk,

Busy in their worldly doings.

Teenagers move with flowing passions,

With longings for the better times,

Brighter future and happier days.

The stream of life goes with dancing waves.

The lovers still on the beds, bending

Over one another peeping into the eyes,

Measure the depth of bottomless love.


Oh no! Now my receptive ears clearly hear,

Incredible rumbling roaring of thunder,

And eyes see huge yellow bluish flame

Whose dazzle makes us all blind.

All blackness of humanity spurts out

In the shape of sooty mushroom,

Upon the earth spreading sable shadows;

The explosion smashes and blows up

The whole structure of civilization,

The hopes resting in the beating hearts,

And cherished longings in the minds.


I see humanity being fallen

Into the meanest level of savagery,

Cruelty and abyss of brutality.

What game have played the pioneers of peace,

The busy men, women and sucking infants,

Being nourished in the soft soothing laps,

Burn as the rosy petals do,

When thrown into the furnace,

Where terrible enormous heat

Melts metals hard, like butter.

The Darkness dances all around,

The echoes of laughter have changed

Into wailing, crying and painful shrieks.


Who are these who move like ghosts,

Charred bony figures with hanging shreds,

Lamenting upon the horrible deed,

And despised nature sighs and sobs

That who knows when time takes turn,

Who knows moments of calm and peace,

Might contain the centuries of sorrows.



Poetry: My Sweet-heart


She was born with me when

I inhaled the first breath;

In infancy she showed herself to me,

In the dim hazy colours of rainbow,

That floated in front of the eyes,

Like an astray flake of coloured cloud.


In childhood she flew in front of me,

Assuming the shape of butterfly,

Stayed close, lingered, hovered over,

The yellow blossomed mustard farms.


In boyhood before the years of maturity,

She played hide and seek,

And I chased her till I did exhaust,

She too oscillated me on the swing,

Under the huge banyan tree,

With thick cool shade.


In the years of adolescence

And the days of full ripeness,

I saw her smiling,

Under the bundle of too lush green grass,

She walked with heart-mincing graceful gait.


Now she dwells in the cottage of my heart,

Thatched with the dried tassels of dreams,

She wipes my tears, consoles me when I weep,

And supports, props my bent body, when I tumble.



Protest Of The Phantoms

(Written when media broke reports of rapes in the graves, and stealing of human skeletons)


At the time of dawn,

When the lights went out,

I bolstered my head,

On the pillow,

Closed my eyes,

To loosen my thoughts;

I felt negritude

Extending its limbs,

Into infinity,

And I began to ponder,

On the plight

Of my countrymen, times

We were going through,

And consoled myself

Thinking that we had

Better times to live in;

The era of crimes,

And brutal deeds

We had left far behind.

Our descendants

Would have bright future,

For we made ourselves

Secure from the suiciders,

We built high walls

Around the residences

And installed razor-wire,

Deployed gunmen

At the entrances.


My mind was occupied

With these imaginings,

When I began to behold

The darker images in the dark,

They began to surround

From all sides around,

They were numerous,

They were the phantoms

All of women in Burqas,

Their gloomy, irritated eyes

Were only faintly visible;

They assembled to protest

For a certain demand

And one of them said

With a mournful tone:

“We are passing

Through the darkest era,

The hardest times

Of the human history,

Ask them to do some legislation

At least for rights of the dead,

We aren’t secure even

Underneath stones of the graves.”


A  Falsehood

O! My sweet-heart come on now,
To be hugged in the ring of my arms,
For as soon as the sun descends,
My waiting eyes begin to count,
The stars in the darkening sky,
And your image begin
To waft along the gaze.

Somewhere on the pages,
Of the voluminous book of love,
I have read, it was written,
When all the blinking stars are enumerated,
Whatever we pray for,
Our prayers are granted,
Our wishes are realized.
But in your case it seems nothing,
But falsehood,
For my eyes begin to tire,
Praying lips begin to exhaust,
And there is no mark of your appearance.



A Planet Of The Step-Mother


The world is busy in sports,

Stadiums are jam-packed with the spectators,

Their shout echoes in canopy of the sky,

Medals are being awarded to the winners,

The natives of my own country do not have time

To see through the sufferings of others,

The TV channels display seminars, recipes,

Songs and dances to the starving nation,

Just now one of them demonstrated in a jar of water

How fresh egg is heavier than the rotten one.

The other one exhibited how a small gadget

Neatly removes unnecessary hair from the skin,

Politicians run as usual behind the power:

The chair of authority, the maulvis have nothing

To do but gather alms and charities,

My own prime minister has gone

With an aero-plane loaded with the crates

Of mangoes for the King of Saudi Arabia,

And other royal characters, to perform umerah

Along with family, to please God and seek

His blessings, leaving behind the poor masses

Panting for bread, the nation is busy

In ostentatious deeds, holding feasts

And aftar dinners, belly befitting actions,

The mosques and places of worship are jostled

By the men of piety dressed in rustling cloth.


Operation here, operation there, operations

All around, killing, killing just only killing

To merely have in grips oil and minerals of the soil

The world has become an operation theatre,

Jews are busy in availing opportunity,

They kill and kill Palestinians and their kids,

Smash their abodes with the shells of high explosives,

The clouds of smoke rise to the Heavens,

God Himself with the angles might be sniffing

The pong of explosives but He sits there silent too,

NATO too fights for her own interests,

U.N.O snorts in slumber like a step-mother,

She ever turns a deaf ear to the men of intellect,

But knows well what is to be done and what isn’t,

When the proper time is to awake from the sleep,

I cannot think the world will grow a better place,

Worth living for my generations, for the Earth was

Destined to become a planet of the step-mother,

O! The reader, so cherish not vain hopes my brother.


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