Poems by Dr. Lsr. Prasad

Poems by Dr. Lsr. Prasad


A Poet of the world in a world of the Poet!

Who is this comely cavalier coming from that thought drink?
Why his garments stained in bleeding black and colored ink?
Who might be this horse rider robed in paper, silk and parchment? 
How fast is he surging forward in the glittering of word mount?

See his stallion performing the heroics of ancient iamb, trochee and anapest!
What dactyls, spondee, pyrrhic, paean, tetrabrach, dispondee and epitrite it exhibit!
What cadence, what rhythm, what tones of level, rising, departing and entering!
Hark! Behold its isochrony, intonation, syllable stress, mora and tonal changing!
Ha ha! Harken its soul stirring sweet strophe, antistrophe and epode!
What a figure, what a speech of neigh and irony, what a metaphorical similitude!

Behold! The horse rider in divine white linen is a faithful and a true gentleman!
Amuses muses he with his anachronisms, and famous for onomatopoeic sermon!
He owns the world of words and horde of adjectives and phonaesthetics a ton!
He is clothed with a vesture dipped in pun and his name is called the word of man!

The rider and his horse cross the dead valley with a huge army of scribes and scribblers,
They fight the false prophets and the beast of corruption with words and letters!
Out of the rider’s mouth go sharp words that smite the illiteracy of the nations at a go!
He put the ills of the worlds to his words of swords, and promises peace and prosperity glow!

Copyright @Dr.Lsr Prasad



Did you hear the distant drums of the Devil’s dreamy devout?
Did you follow the call of the spirits from the lowland sprout?
Were you born with a sticky ‘caul’ enveloping your forehead?
Were you found asleep in the fairy ring under a serpent’s hood?

Come on! Walk along the road you planted the trees on both sides,
What seeds you sow, they bear now clusters of guns and grenades!
Did you water them with what; they ooze now gallons of blood and tears!
What pattern you nursed them, they harbour now demons and predators!

What sort of flagstones you spread on this dark, dusty road of humanity?
Sins and virtues got mixed up in unbelievable proportions of odd profanity!
Oh decadent Shaman! Do you realize once this earth was the Garden of Eden?
From first sin and first murder, a continuous decline towards the Gates of Satan!

A few more crazy faltering steps you shall reach the peculiar ‘y’ junction!
One road goes up and it is the Jacob’s ladder unattractive with angels in action!
But your inclination, I see, is towards the vivid advertisement suction section!
It has no steps, only a long deep jump into the abyss of phosphorescence attraction!

Do you hear the deafening drums and the Devil’s dreadful voice in that hell’s reserve?
Do you recognise your own sins sprouting to teach you the lesson you richly deserve?
Once you reach that ‘Y’ junction, there is no return; your ticket is booked for the session!
So Man! Repent! Still there is time, undo your cruel actions, live with love and compassion!

Copyright- @Dr. Lsr Prasad



From hill to hill, from cliff to cliff, over the seas, beyond mountains,
Into the hollow caves, where spirits dwell amidst Chi, prana or Baraka fountains,
O Travellers between the Worlds, O Dancing Dervishes, O Yogis, O Shamans,
With heads in Eros light, in the noon of pitch dark night, an unconscious flight,
Let the wheel of fortune revolve, let the meteors flash bright in showers greet!

Let the holy fire burn! Sprinkle frankincense, amber, add myrrh, let dhoop go up!
Bring the cauldron! Keep it on the fire stove, boil water, add sandalwood, myrtle pulp!
Add Caapi vine, chacruna or chagropanga leaves, brew ayahuasca tea, take a sip!
Shower turmeric, ochre, saffron, shake over leaves of neem and oscimum sanctum!
Draw pentagrams and sigils of spirits, Dance till you are in trance to the ancient spectrum!
Walk between the two worlds! Where are you going? What do you see? Lie down, Tell us!

-‘I see the time crunch, distorted forms of wench, sizes crushed by invisible wrench flux!
Is it the wonderland of Alice? Am i in the world of Lilliput? i see that Cheshire cat!
Can i take my field of vision for the limits of the world, to the domain of the spirit?
Oh! What is this serpent of life? Looks like my chromosome helix and genetic lux!

When the stomach starts screeching, and the body erupts in volcanic hot sweat,
When the Intense visualization bombards the world of nonexistence, jumbled breath,
An array of illusions, a painless and painful separation, umbilical cord cut, Death!
Why is that light struggling to go out of me? What is that trying to keep that in me, wet?

When i live in this Tryptamine palace, the Entheogenic effect, the transcendental visit,
In to the land of giant reptilian creatures, tiny black specks dropped from the sky spirit,
Flopping, flipping, tripping into vivid colour circles, pointing into me like shooting arrows,
Am i revisiting my mother’s womb as a tiny spec of zygote, seeking sanctum with vows?

Or expanding into planets, stars, galaxies, exploding meteorites and sucking black holes?
From that altered state of vividness when i trip backwards into the consciousness poles,
i find myself, laughing aloud at the incongruities of my fabulous and adventurous journey,
O Holy Spirit! I feel empty, cleansed of my mind and body, a pure spirit hovering well in me;

Yes! This is my journey into myself, a journey to find myself, a divine spec of eternal fount,
The visit into the abundance of plenum at Delphi, my circumambulation at Kailash Mount,
My devoted prayers to the God the most Compassionate and the Merciful, the invocations,
My psalm singing, my whirling dances, my prayer wheels, my mumblings, my recitations
My conversations with Nature and my nature, all to cleanse myself and to know myself!

Copyright @ Dr. Lsr Prasad


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