Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
When arrived at the threshold of your mind
That camp of well-organizthoughts
Panicked me
I missed courage to open the door
Hesitated for a moment
Taking a deep breath was my lonely option
Then I went back away
And disappeared in thick fog
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Aziza Dahdouh
Longing for a journey
She whispered to her soul
Let’s start that long journey
We planned for a long time ago
Let’s travel to those lands
Where reside birds of paradise
I need to be with you soul
With you alone
You my companion since existence
But I still ignore all about you
They say the best way to know each other
Is going on a long journey
Let’s go to the other side of life
Guide me
Show me the unwalked path
The one leads to the hidden valley
Where The tribe of wild horses
I long to stay on the bank of the river
Which source is heaven
Water me soul
Quench my thirst
Feed me those sweet grapes
The fruit of hope
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Aziza Dahdouh
A Rohingya Child
A Rohingya child with sad eyes
Wondered inside
What have i done to support
Hate….violence …and racism
Why should i leave my land?
What have my brothers and sisters done?
To be tortured and killed
Where are my parents?
Why are we seperated?
Are they alive or I lost them forever?
Why am i a refugee?
Haven’t i a birth land?
Where are humans?
Where are peacemakers?
Why are they silent?
Why don’t they manifest?
I need my parents…I need my family
I need to be saved
Iam just a kid…. an innocent child…
Read the message written in my eyes
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Aziza Dahdouh
kids of war
No smiles
no tears
only faces
with no expressions
they are
kids of war
they saw much blood
their dears died
they have forgotten about
human feelings
they have no more
fear in their hearts
no hopes, no dreams
no plans for future
their childhood
was simply stolen
by the lords of war!!
All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh