Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra






Time rumbles,hands of god
Sea waves take shapes,
Ageless allure
Sand and stone
And now your song…

You sing the tide’s ebb and flow
And now a vow… you will never
See my face at your door again.

Errant wind

I dwell in you
Like a dark abyss

Time emerge from where?
Crazy hours are back…

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra,08/09/2017, Kolkta, India


Leaving behind……..

Lonely night whispered
In the middle of the night
You have said it……
Inside the two timid hearts
Engulfed desire upon two lips…….

Darkness did not bring no more nightmares
She was the moon to his night

Where have you been
And where will you go?

Night whispered………
In my open arms,
You will return to me……
Leaving behind
Passions and desire……….

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra, Aug, 25,2017, Kolkata, India


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