Poems by Marian Eikelhof

Poems by Marian Eikelhof
I am leaving
‘Tide and Flood’
End of the world I read
Initially, the day of my arrival
an asylum for the disabled, it is
no way to live in a place like this
where total lack of privacy
and the smell of decay
fills up every hallway
and every day those abandoned
by their families, loved ones and friends
play bingo or chess
staring into a huge hole of nothingness.
Chile, 1973
Dedicated to Victor Jara
Guess that’s how it went
he had to stand there
under the burning sun
as if he had a clue where to go
the hatred of the executioner
burnt right through his soul
he thought about her…
her smile
the dress she wore that day
and the kiss she gave him
as he would not be away
for long
come back home
the very same day.
his thoughts fell on the ground
like drops of blood
like the tears of his beloved land
like the names of your father
your brother
your son
your husband
and like all those songs
I cannot sing for you
about the tender dreams
in the heart of a fallen man.

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