REMEMBERING MAHATMA / Poem by Manthena Damodara Chary

( On the occasion of M.. K. Gandhi’s148 th birth anniversary I pay homage to the great soul who inspired the world with his marvellous message of peace .He won the hearts of peoples all over the world as the Man of the Millennium)
A frail man scantily clad rose to eminence
His intrepid spirit glowed with all elegance
He sowed in our minds patriotism’s seeds
As the son of soil he sensed India’s needs
M.K.Gandhi set the entire British ire on fire
He strove stunningly pulling us out of mire
He spiritedly showed us the peerless path
Freedom can be gained without blood.bath
Bullets can never govern the human mind
Inspired with lofty idea of freedom refined
His message sounded a knell to rare wars
People embraced peace without any bars
A war-free world.was his reigning religion
His theory reverberated beyond any region
He led the nation with spiritual magnitude
He is still respected with genuine gratitude
Mahatma radiated all his phenomenal rise
Embracing with endurance rare enterprise
His unique loftiness exalted all his stature
For it guided with godliness human nature
@ Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
Manthenaiji Sir,
Your poem titled”Remembering Mahatma”is a poem that pays rich tributes to the Saint of Sabarmathi,the Soul of Ahimsa and the Father of our nation,Gandhiji.A man who was born and brought up in a corner of india captured the attention of the world through his principles of non-violence,truth and peace,he became a personality of towering nature who stood the test of time.He was in the forefront of many struggles,first of all,he cleansed himself of shortcomings,he stood up for the rights of indentured indian labourers of South Africa,he perfected the non-cooperation movement while he was there,he came back to India to mantle the leadership of the Congress Organisation,he launched peaceful movement against the British colonialism that was prevailing here in india at that time and at last he was instrumental in giving a clarion call to the people of india to throw Britishers out of india through the Quit India movement.Finally,he brought freedom to this great nation,he united the indian masses through the freedom struggle and he injected in their veins the quality of patriotism.He was the one who strove hard to bring freedom to india without shedding of even a drop of blood.He was a lover of peace and his advocacy of a non-violent struggle against the British Raj here in india set an example for other popular struggles around the world to emulate.His ideology of peace became a trend which the world was so enamoured of in the course of time.Mahatma was a personality who travelled towards the goal of Atman by walking through the trajectory of truth all throughout his life.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of magnificent nature.
Written by Cijo Joseph Chennelil.The Head of the English Department Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology Chethipuzha Changanassary Kottayam District Kerala India All Copyrights Reserved@ On 2nd October 2017.

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