Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad

Poems by  Dr. Lsr Prasad



From Paleo-Indians, Anasazi, Palute tribes, Rafael Rivera the Mexican,
The Spanish trail of Antonio Armijo entered the meadows amidst of desert scan,
‘Las Vegas’ meadow soon bloomed with city streets of casino gambling on,
Moulin Rouge, Nevada nuclear sites, Betty Wills- ‘Welcome to Las Vegas sign!

How do you describe the downtown mind blowing Fremont street experience?
The mega casino ‘The Mirage’, the Smith centre and museums to enhance
The pleasure seeker’s magical inner sense, Las Vegas is in Clark county in a basin,
On the floor of the Mojave desert and with a fastest divorce action and lots of sin!

Amidst of rocky mountains and desert sands with occasional flash floods,
On the Las Vegas Strip the spring flowers of non-Hispanic whites, Latino bloods,
At Ten o clock on Sunday night of October first in the year two thousand seventeen,
On a three day Harvest country music festival of happy go lucky many young one,

Bullets rained from the thirty second floor Stephen Paddock window shelf!
Can anybody answer this question -‘ Why he killed fifty eight people and himself?’-

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 3.10.2017



So the new era started, world wide web spider netted many high fly flies and heads,
Apps, startups, blogs, twitters, think tanks and red flags linked gossamer threads,
And the offences and defenses needed many fire walls and Virtual window breds,
For everyone a world and for every world a proud founder and many enthusiastic treads!

Oh! Now the whole world is in one’s own hand with an open or closed mobile,
Swipe or wipe the data in smart phone till one gets the idea of fulfillment virile,
With associated side effects and headaches of cyber bullying and trolling febrile,
Things can go viral and content may get sterile before you know it becomes puerile!

Quick and space timers and locators offering round the clock services with new Apps,
Businessmen explored the possibilities of exploiting the people in mass hysteria traps,
It is the mystery of creating one’s own Kingdom sitting in his lone drawing room,
A fantastic fantasy world of like, share and comment of surrealistic narcissism boom!

Now everyday we see Napoleons of Facebook, Alexanders of twitter and Helens of Skype,
Virtual beacons replacing the virtuous icons, it is the arrival of new crazy monkeys in hype,
Flaunting their placards and tails or erotic tales and storyboards with spices added on!
And offer fertile friendship but is the idea of public friendship a boon or a true oxymoron?

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad



They gave me a pickaxe and a shovel to look for the ancient buried relics!
This is the parchment remnant they offered me to travel via Dolorosa helix!
The secret codes were written on the tablets of clay in cuneiform matrix!
Through the gorges and grottoes one has to travel to unravel the calyx!

The basic rule is you have to reach the zero level then look at the level one!
I found the Cain’s stone with the blood of the Abel still fresh but feeling alone!
The evidence is clear that many descendents borrowed it to level the scores of pain,
But that stone is a stone David and others used against the Goliaths of the enemy main!

In the next layers i found the fire and wheels, the sickles and slings, arrows and bow,
And the shield of Achilles, the sword of Alexander, and a Cross and nails in a row!
Then i excavated the tombs of Ming and Mongols, revisited the pyramids and towers of lore,
Wherever i dig i found the signatures of modern blood and the stink of the hate galore!

Now i am almost at the upper layers, all studded with bullets and trim grenades,
In my absence i think humans have invented new flutes and lyres to sing grim serenades!

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad


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