Poemas by Pantas Pangihutan. S 

Poemas by Pantas Pangihutan. S 



Why is there love?
Love is the shaft of the navel of life …
While hate, muzzle it.
Love is a combination of two opposite poles
Where… Love moves the wheels of life;

Love is a meeting estuary …
Between strength and beauty,
Between courage and caution,
Between struggle and hope,
Between dignity and elegance,
Between desire and admiration.
Such-like… the vehemence of love – melting into a unity;

Love is a heavenly gift …
If love is betrayed, there is a hate waiting …
Left scars of deep pain in one’s heart,
Feeling like want to die.
That is the danger of love, if the soul is not ready to accept
Do not play with the fire of love, if you do not want getting burn
In a wild fire of love….

God has made everything in pairs.
There is hot, there is cold
There is sweet, there is bitter
There is laughter, there is tears
There is happiness, there is pain
There is love, and there is also hate.

Anyone who wants to play in love,
must be prepared !
Take control of your love – thrust wisely,
Be prepared to wade through the ocean of indeterminate life …
Stay cool… to face any uncertainties;
In love, there are millions of sensation …
Holding on to the guidelines of life,
If the desire wants to arrive at the right destination.

Walk with love,
Without much hope in perfection,
It’s better to walk with love than without it.
Love makes us mature …
Live for what it is,
With a willingness to accept without much hope,
But in a faith…
And accept the essence and the nature of love,
As it is…
Do not deviate to the left and right of the path-way
If you do not want to be engulfed into the fire of love,
Then stumbling on the road!

Love is essentially sacred,
Because love is a heavenly gift,
Do not much expecting a perfect love,
But pursue a perfection for love…

When it comes infront of the Creator,
Then everything will be perfect,
As… He is the source of all love.

© pantas p. sitompul™



Dripping tears…
When love songs change painfully;
When the strains of melody –
Stopped by the sound of bullets!

Should the flowers of love wither…
When the love song reverberates?
Why there is hate without cause?
Why die before dying?

Why flowers fall in the spring?
Struck by a storm of confusion;
Where love has been lost in time
Where love has become a tomb;

Where is the splendor of this age?
When the building stood towering
The flowers of love fall one by one…
Let’s pick it up and plant it again!

© pantas p. sitompul™
Oct 03, 2017



How lovely the harmony
Equpoise in all aspects
Be tied together as one
Suppose others as ours

Arc of rainbow, our vow
Multi colors in a band
Varieties of flowers in Eden
A calm river of life for all…

Harmony in rapport
Harmony in intimacy
Harmony in a concord
Harmony in a resemblance

As a legacy, and a compulsion
A bound song to sing
Singing together in a choir
As the only key to open
The gate toward – love and peace!

© pantas p. sitompul™

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