Series #70 / Ade Caparas

Series #70 

“i shall face my Tomorrow, my Death, knowing i have sieged ME”

has taken over the world
the i have,
the kill or die
of the i don’t have…
an epidemic of lost souls
tell me, am i still human?
am i now a material being?
a stone a rock a pebble?

can i still be revive?
is it too late?
nothing is too late
death comes only
when i wish to…
even a dying shrub,
with water, can be back to
a flourishing foliages

everyone shouts howls cries of injustice yet it seems like an advertisement but no one buys, no one siege the rotting roots, they are all busy noting the rise and fall of the stock exchange, the Famas Awards, the colour of their hair, ouch, the latest iPhone model!

my Present, a passing steam, a mist, a shooting star… running away with the passing seconds,
so i have to frame my beautiful Yesterday… that Yesterday which lays a joyful smile on my lips upon my death… my sure Tomorrow.

i fantasize a smashing Soon
though my thoughts tract the Was,
which peeped a second of my Is
a passing ray towards my lingering Was !
so i paint a happy Is
to frame my Was’s memories
i shall face my Tomorrow; my death
then my beautiful Was shall hold me a smile
knowing i have sieged me!

_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

Poesie di Arianna Boselli

Poesie di Arianna Boselli   TRACCE INVISIBILI Senza me stessa, i miei ricordi, senza rancore. Morire dentro… No! Sono morta troppe volte non sento dolore. Sono spettro invisibile per vie sconosciute. Immagine senza volto. Solo l’anima, viva, senza dolore. © … Continue reading

“LET ME SING A SONG AND OTHER POEMS”- Dr Shivputra Shivraj Kanade

“LET ME SING A SONG AND OTHER POEMS”- Dr Shivputra Shivraj Kanade
Dr Shivputra Shivraj Kanade is a Indian author who has long touched the universal poetic sky.
The figuration used and mostly the metaphors, raise his art of high-level authorship, jus like in the muses of the Olympus and from there touches the sunrise inscansedents, the heavens of love and humanity, as well as the most sensual human decorations.
What I would like to emphasize is that within all the elliptical forms that it brings, advanced and modern thought is that all its creativity is a conundrum that has the philosophy and psychology of expression, and so comes the production of the great idea and vision for tomorrow .
His poetries resembles a bouquet of fresh, full-bodied fragrance, spreading through sounds in the air and ringing the music symphony, just like a sea-violin or an old guitar somewhere in a park.
His nature, brought forms, ideas and the responsibility of opinion undoubtedly makes this author elite and much more attentive to creativity.
The author’s poetry Dr Shivputra Shivraj Kanade is intertwined with the latest postmodernist ideas and workshops, with the developments of literature itself today, art that identifies and equates one with contemporary universal thought.
Review by Agron Shele
Good Morning
As the sun rises in the east sky
As birds begin to fly
My eyes open to light
To say GoodMorning to you all in great delight.
The day has just begun
I wish you happiness and fun
Start with a cup of positivity
Good Morning wishes means to remove the negativity.
Each morning we are alive
Each day with good vibes
Just laugh and love and live
GoodMorning shows how care and kindness you can give.
Live your life and let other live theirs too
Get up rise, Shine and see how each storms you can pass through.
As you start each new day with a smile
GOOD MORNING wishes from the loved ones help you cross many miles.
I want to live Forever
I want to live Forever
Never want to die
I want to be immortal
May my soul be alive
I want to live Forever
If there is a forever land
I want to travel the never ending road
Where the destination is unknown
I want to live Forever
Let my spirits set free
I want to love and get all love
I pray never to get tired and fall in deep slumber.
I want to live Forever
In the hearts of all
I want to be a memory so precious
Forevermore a treasure to one and all.
Live and let live
Live and let live
In peace and harmony
Live and let live
In thy blessed company.
Live and let live
Don’t let anyone change you
Live and let live
Don’t let life rearrange you.
Live and let live
With each other in peace
Live and let live
In happiness with ease.
Live and let live
So that other’s may feel alive
Live and let live
Each day with positive vibe.
Let and let live
Spread light and love
Live and let live
A life as you are a blessed angel sent from heaven above.
I don’t know you
Who are you ?
It seems I don’t know you at all
A shadow
A mystery
I don’t know you
The child inside you has turned grey
Love never dies
Love never dies
How much time flies
Distance can never break
Strong ones never shake
Love never dies
True love never lies
It may change or be slow
Better go with the flow.
Love never dies
Real ones never bid goodbyes
It always lives in their heart
Till they decay and depart
Let me introduce mmyself
Let me introduce myself
Here to all of you,
I’m a simple man
Who respects a woman
Born of a beautiful mother
Carrying the traits of my father
I’m the son of this soil
With lot of self respect and confidence
I present to you all my true sense
I walk with my head held high
I stay away from lies
Again I introduce myself
Without any hard word’s help
Inside me there’s a child
Sometimes pure,innocent,sometimes wild.
A lover by nature
I love all god made creature
I come here to share you my love and light
Meeting you all was a great delight
Let me lastly introduce myself
I’m only a human
Humanity is my religion
My country is Mother Earth
Where I have taken birth.
I wish to end this note with love and peace
My introduction with an ease

VALUE! / Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu 

Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu 



You’re the light wakes me up, dream I hug
met love at you, my Lady!
You are mother
magnificent standing in Athens Olympics
pearl of depth of feelings
blessed hearth of the house
threshold’s grandma
world needs you.

dissolve wisdom, magic strength, parental love
enrich the conscience of mankind
let the whole world feel
the pure source of generosity!

Gave birth to princesses, princes to beautify the nature
only you bless the royal heaven
under your feet sleeps the paradise!

I heard
divine tranquility whispering
bend, respect, kiss, love
the mother of the nature which gives life
she, the madam.
TODAY is with the poets, the sublime values of mankind!

Tyran Prizren Spahiu 

Poezi nga Juljana Mehmeti

Poezi nga Juljana Mehmeti   Ditët e Klesidrës Ditët pa ty kanë formën e Klesidrës rrjedhin ngadalë në një pikë zbrazëtie boshllëkut krijuar zvarritur melankolisë tejkohës vazhdim, thjesht një zemre që rreh për të mbajtur në këmbë trupin dhe një … Continue reading