From my fantasia: The Night of Reading the History / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy
From my fantasia: The Night of Reading the History
I am a being
Living by
The eternal Communication;
The communion,
That marries
Times to places
Whatever their periods,
Distances are,
However, they may
Men’s awareness.
I breathe in
The universal air
Which has been
Shared by
Innumerable creatures
Since the far most past
And by which
Millions continue
To live in the present.
Yes, we all enjoy
The same air
And breeze
Throughout each
Of the four seasons
Of thousands
And thousands of years
The water filling my glass,
Hasn’t it been running
Through lakes, seas
And oceans
For thousands of years?
Didn’t they rise,
High above,
Forming clouds,
To return down in rains,
To flow through
Rivers deep,
Then canals, brooks,
And waterfalls
Before it touches my lips?
What has continued
To nourish every flesh
Isn’t it still satisfying
My hunger, feeding
My body?
Hasn’t it come
To my dinner table
From so many farms,
Countless fields,
And innumerable
Fruit trees
As for my senses,
I feel they are nothing
But windows wide open,
Through which my soul
Can look out of
The barriers of
My place and time
What each and
Every eye
Has seen throughout
Our long history
Yes, I can also see
In all that’s seen;
Glares, rays, reflections,
Shades, and shadows,
The whisper
Of daily breeze,
The rustle of fresh leaves,
The murmur
Of new born waves,
Record for my ears
All that has been,
To many and more ears,
Murmured, whispered,
And said for ages.
Yes, I still hear
All that has been
Sung and read.
I smell
The fragrance
Of generations
Of roses and flowers
As well as smokes
And fumes born
From heat and fire
And all have been
Smelt by many
Before and will be
By more
After me.

One thought on “From my fantasia: The Night of Reading the History / Poem by George Onsy

  1. Such a great poem with eternal feelings that rejuvenate every step of life . Happy reading . Looking forward for more such poems .

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