Series #70 / Ade Caparas

Series #70 

“i shall face my Tomorrow, my Death, knowing i have sieged ME”

has taken over the world
the i have,
the kill or die
of the i don’t have…
an epidemic of lost souls
tell me, am i still human?
am i now a material being?
a stone a rock a pebble?

can i still be revive?
is it too late?
nothing is too late
death comes only
when i wish to…
even a dying shrub,
with water, can be back to
a flourishing foliages

everyone shouts howls cries of injustice yet it seems like an advertisement but no one buys, no one siege the rotting roots, they are all busy noting the rise and fall of the stock exchange, the Famas Awards, the colour of their hair, ouch, the latest iPhone model!

my Present, a passing steam, a mist, a shooting star… running away with the passing seconds,
so i have to frame my beautiful Yesterday… that Yesterday which lays a joyful smile on my lips upon my death… my sure Tomorrow.

i fantasize a smashing Soon
though my thoughts tract the Was,
which peeped a second of my Is
a passing ray towards my lingering Was !
so i paint a happy Is
to frame my Was’s memories
i shall face my Tomorrow; my death
then my beautiful Was shall hold me a smile
knowing i have sieged me!

_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

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