Poems by Subhendu Kar

Poems by Subhendu Kar
Rise of tide in ocean is best known to full moon!
waves weave text of assonance by mellow reflection to sigh
distinctive instinct parades to vanquish radiance of love
as might seems to rule the roost of maddened world to scare parity of conscience
is war only a path to take on peace of pigeon to harbinger
when darkness scrambles with night to conquer crown of rigid blind kingdom
fossil shrills to renounce the world to stay in hermitage of dread
tiger roars in forest to have its prey cutting woods
for greed to bailout from shackles of arrogance
rage runs in eyes attiring deep red
for crescent moon to spark in skin of ebb
as stone rolls on to gather quantum mass to cease and squeeze breath of wind
as wood cutter cuts same twig on which he stands
yet with no circumspection of an heedless reed to work out sense of joy
Let we all poets sleep to see in dream
very path of war to find peace for humanity to grow for a period of unstinted memory
of humanism to reign in unobtrusive illusion
as night would need warmth to suck for insanity to wither on milieu of sorrow.
We are kin to each other under a roof of one world
raised in varied colors and climes
races and religions
by mellow rhymes
to sing songs of life
from dawn to dusk with sweet melodies
to meditate into maze of universe ,
still we know nothing for what we stand for!
night is deep dark lapsing to deepest
day still braces up with feast of creed staged in quantum of no vector
who am i to say ?
why it is and how far we are!
no one asks to question necessity of time to resolve quandary
from mortality to eternity
sun gives us every thing free ,
cosmic benevolence to share and shine
by the ontogeny of big bang ,.
the love sublime and subtle
mellow breath
of compassion ,
yet being wild and weird
we cut our own unsparing red
blood running within baffles
are we not the same homo sapiens from Jurassic park?
still wild and scuffling to share
same flesh and blood of own being heaved to shy of..
wilderness utters in thunders of lurid war
for annihilation to call and to recall !
yet love for peace seems to lay beneath veil of illusion to prorogue!
Moon harvests ebullience to conquer
as great man behind a great event.
behind a beautiful night there is full moon and stars
to guide and beacon onto void of crowd
for blue to blaze arc of
iridescent glory
White dissipates over the skin of bournie
like joy of lily onto maze of fructification
image adumbrates the light of reflection to resolve reality
blossom blooms to blush into arc of florescence
dew falls to sparkle as tranquility bleeds potion to crave
love rejoices onto resonance coalescing whisper of mellow breeze
Exuberance abounds deep into exotic ecstasy
merging to verge beyond
law of attraction attunes to resurrect by gravity of resilience
In midst of ebullience moon harvests to awaken dream to truth.
exotic exuberance from hush of luminosity rejoices
like sparkling from prismed light of freedom
Love absolute paroles to prologue
to sate burning eyes within maze of blue
immensity of assonance seems to whisper from shore.
We long to belong hush of delight
to sail soul of caravan
Onto dregs of journey.
from cusp of dream into harvest of hope
like emerald amber onto stark reality.
flowering into blossom is story of life
like a buoyancy of a bubble into vortex to blur
Yet total sum of currency is like a rungs of rainbow ephemeral.
Yet nothing to gain nothing to lose when balance centres midpoint of fulcrum.
and temple tolls bell
for end of tonight.

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