“RISE, The Abused Child of the Phoenix  by LIVIA YORK


The Abused Child of the Phoenix 

A True Story


“Rise” is an achingly true story about a girl who rose from the ashes much like the fabled Phoenix bird. Equal parts heart wrenching and inspirational, Livia bares her soul to the reader, shedding light on her own experience of domestic violence, recalled from a time when it was even more taboo.

To order your copy of RISE (RRP AU $35), please click the BUY NOW if you are in Australia.

To purchase internationally, click the Amazon link related to your area.

Enjoy the read!


LIFE HAS GIVEN ME MY FAIR SHARE…of pain and sorrow, but I do not let the past effect the present. My family story is a true account of events over the two last centuries, told by me with no shame and no vanity. The past is behind me and by telling it I have come to term with it. My readers learn from my experiences and they have given my book their seal of approval.





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