Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


On the shore of the past

The night was long on the shore of the past
No tide warming my frozen heart
No rainbow light was shown in sight
Just the scrolling of memories waves
And the autumn winds that start to blast..

A gnawing weep is silently echoed
In that heart caged in thorned chains
Is past so difficult to leap
To free the soul of hidden scenes…

We keep for long dormant songs
Thinking the wounds have already healed
But when alone..and truth revealed
A wasted life..and not belong
A letting go…we unhappily grieve
As we are not…Autumn leaves..

seasons of life pass through soul
Leaving scars..engraved on all
A part of me still waiting for you
Will you be back..like in spring , foliage do…

By Hana Shishiny
October 2017


Another Sunday…another October

It is Autumn we waited for
Another October. ..another Sunday
The light..the breeze..the divine rays 
All inviting ..caressing..waiting for you. .
A chilly wind turning outside
A door to winter..to pass through
In your arms , I love to stay
Sheltered in warmth ,welcoming the day
For us…loving coffee,I’ll brew
A laisurely Sunday. .let’s enjoy
Welcoming a blessed October. .too

By Hana Shishiny
1st of October 2017

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