Poems by Tanni Bose

Poems by Tanni Bose
An expression
A quiet expression knocked my soul
Declared with warmth that it valued me
A message battered my anxious door
And orated godly passion
Sun whispered with pleasure-
You make me warm
Moon confessed with pride-
I envy your beauty adorned
Rain whispered with wet emotion
Dont allow me in your eyes
Stars hailed from distant heaven
Pledged to reside in my eyes
All over again-
Hailstones swift in move from above
Pounded on my expectant heart
Sandstorm blew hard, pierced me
Bruised and battered my delight
Thunder and lightning in a strike
Attempted to burn my existence
You the fire in my lone self
Gave me warmth to live
Your hopes in me fan my breathe
Your love for me stands against death
©Tanni Bose.
I comply
I comply
As an unwilling toddler obeys to schooling system
I comply
As an uncertain bride acts in accordance with the new family
I comply
As the helpless earth abides to changing weather
I comply
As a reluctant man with dreams submits to death
©Tanni Bose

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