My Durga / Poetic art of Sunita Paul

Sunita Paul

Sunita Paul is a great indian author. Her poetic art immerses you in the depths of her vision and feelings and from this other world rise reflections on the life pattern, the temporal coherence that, as in a vision, awaken the passion and desire to run to perfection, almost impossible to achieve, and often overlapped by the dualistic layers of the human being. The naturalness and ease in the performance of her art, but also the deep penetration into the essence of both sensory and imaginary phenomena, makes possible the aesthetic form of her mind, with all its figurative components but also bearer of vital messages.

As a poet of motives and strong emotions she has now become a familiar voice, not only for the literary culture of the country she represents, but far beyond in space and time.

As quoted in the verses, often within the rules and literary currents, but also free as it formulates structures and meanings from the simplest to the absurd, are created forms and images from the real to abstract ones, following reverberation of sounds and rims up to eimmy motives and all this effort  illuminates and expresses the power of magic and the philosophy of ones mentality.

The whole poetic production of this author comes as deep inspiration, as knowledge of the philosophy of thought, as the eloquence of a verse inebriated by the spirit of the muses and that, through the imagery and a new creativity, shows that vision and rich world which will bring a new lymph in the culture and the universality of contemporary literature.

By Agron Shele


My Durga

Your Durga comes with great pomp and joy
My Durga (as a poor child) does not get even a broken toy
Your Durga is full of lights
My Durga (here a prostitute) in the bed only satisfies at night
Your Durga is made of mud and clay
My Durga (an aborted girl child) sometimes never see the light of day
Your Durga is only awesome and grand
My Durga(a poor young lady) finds hard a place in this world to stand.
Your Durga comes every year only for a week
My Durga(the child in poverty)here the whole year is feeble and weak
Your Durga is celebrated and worshipped
My Durga(the tortured housewives) is only abused and whipped
Your Durga comes with divine grace
My Durga(an average woman) here struggles in the life’s race
Your Durga comes with powers to fight the evils
My Durga(a raped female)here is torn to pieces by the devils
Your Durga is also a girl and a woman
But why My Durga is always treated as a bane???


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