RIVER – Ezhil Vendhan / Rivew by Ade Caparas

Ezhil Vendhan

I have just read on my timeline this poem by Ezhil Vendhan… gads, it seems POET Ezhil Vendhan, has jumped ahead of me in poetizing about NATURE:

Ignorant as I am about matters concerning the face of Human, love for Nature and the health of Planet Earth lives in my life cells and flows as blood through my veins. Ezhil Vendhan, I bow to your ‘Voice of the River’, you have portrayed its Soul and the essence of its yearning to remain the life giving blood of Earth. If a Man can be awarded a Nobel Prize for writing, this may well be a contender. But how much greater recognition needs to be given to those who contribute toward the well being of our Paradise. Peace be with you.



I am the poetry of water
written by the nature.

The liquid registry
And voice of the soil.

I am the unique wonder of the globe
And the lifeline of the earth
Which surpasses many eras.

I am the bright treasure
Floating on the surface of the earth.
My waves surging
Are the rise of the cold flames.

When the lady Earth conceived
To give birth to all lives,
I am the breast milk formed
For all the living beings on earth.

I speak in the universal language
You never understand my words I spelt.
I have come to speak in your local slang.

I want to run as the main stream for the lives
Spending my time as wild river in the past.
You have set two banks as my guards
Which I felt as if honoured and proud
You put me in the prison of dams.

Whilst I always glance to flow
Through the down valleys,
I get scared when I see the highlands.

Put me not into the prison of dams
Let me flow always as a stream
And every now and then jumps as waterfalls.

I spread the green carpet on my ways
I bring the flower blossoms as presents
And come down to hug your feet
carrying flowers on my waves.
You have thrown thorns on my face.

I come to cleanse your dirt
But you turn me dirt with leftovers.

When all of our siblings meet
We download our sad experiences
We join all along our ways
By shedding tears which are salty
By making sea water brackish.

We merge in confluence of the ocean,
This is our ultimate pledge.
We never admit for any compromise.
I never lose my ambitions
Nor bow to the oppressions.

I may wander in identifying my direction
But never go back
Due to tiredness or lousiness.
I may be arriving late
But could not be avoided.

When the Sun burns us in heat,
We fly up higher and higher

By clinging to the wings of clouds
And rejuvenate as rain drops.
From time to time I have burst
And roared only to express my anger.

But you dismissed my prayers for justice.
I make by crawling down on the ground
If my requests are disregarded again
One day I will have to stand upwards as flames.

© Ezhil Vendhan

my congratulations Ezhil, you have nailed and given the due meaning of NATURE.

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