The Accused – Teuta Keli / Translated from albanian to english: Alma Kapo

Short Storie by Teuta Keli
The Accused
The dusk paved its way to darkness. The face laid down on the lap of sadness eternally. There is still hope in the silent hell, a gray human hope.
The accused stood up and in a sharp voice asked:
-Why am I being charged?!
-You are charged of killing time. With your thoughts you poisoned her soul, which was snuggled and hidden in the depths of thy soul. It was clear, as we witnessed your falsehood while wandering along the town streets. We questioned about you and everyone told us the same thing: you are crazy.
Who entitled you to the privilege of going crazy and live alone as such?! Do you think that we do not want to go crazy, we do not wish to be like you and act as you do?! ?! Of course we do, but we cannot, because we have to live as normal in order to feel normal. Now, you should suffer what you caused to yourself, but also for the doubts and the allurement caused to us, while we witness you living your way.
Now suffer and respond for what you did, understood? For everything you are accused of, but as the first charge and in an effort to conceal other indictments, in the document we are noting down that you are accused of killing and murdering time. The fact that you are crazy does not help you at all rather it penalizes you more, cause you are a bad example to everyone in the modern minded society of ours.
Looking painfully at all those accusing and judging him for being him, he finally spoke:
I accept the charge. Indeed I did kill it, because I thought its life was not useless, as long as I live without knowing how long, while laughing at my weeping because I’m insane. I’m sorry to have stolen you the right of showing your madness and insanity, but I did not mean it; it just surfaced me and became visible. I understand you hide it deep inside you, conceal and disguise it prudently, but I failed to do so. This hidden traitor caused me face this problem. You’re right, I plead guilty and I accept the deaf death.
He departed to what he dreamt silently and voicelessly. He left, but not insanity. It lived eternity in many other bodies and today it is unknown where it is: in me, or perhaps in you?
Translated from albanian to english: Alma Kapo

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