Poems by Sunita Paul

Poems by Sunita Paul
Cry of Mother Earth
I’m burning in agony and pain
Oh!!Clouds please cry and fall as rain.
Nature has been ruined and trampled by mankind,
No more peace in my planet you will find.
My heart beats as shocks and tremors,
I have heard global warming in rumours.
Pollutants destroyed all my sources of life,
In my lap,there’s no peace,only war and strife.
All lifeforms are slowly becoming extinct,
To destroy and destruct has become human’s basic instinct.
Today I’m crying for all what is lost and gone forever,
A beautiful earth is now a dream which can never come true ever.
Seasonal Heart
Heart has no season,♡
It can change without any reason
Let’s not be confined to feeling’s prison.
First comes the spring,
Love and joys it may be bring,
With blooming flowers, wedding bells ring.
The summer’s scorching heat,
Can cause random hearts to beat,
You will find more lovers cheat.
Now comes the rain,
There is romance and pain,
Takes us down memory lane.
The falling autumn leaves,
A nostalgic spell it weaves,
A heartbreak feeling it gives.
Be it cold and frosty winter,
Heart is the attraction center,
So warm love can be made gentler.
So let’s not change our love for any reason,
Let’s not depart for the changing season,
Let your heart rule your mind and you just listen.
For You
I never knew I can fall in love again
Coz till date it has given me only pain
But then you came to my life at a stage
When I much needed to stitch all torn pages
We gell
So well
With our wits and laugh
There’s always surprising strokes in our stuff.
But then again we are poles apart,
With mood swings and broken heart
I feel scared and unsecured too
Because I now love you more than I used to.
Your sense of humour and enigmatic presence
Attracts me in every sense
How I wish to hug and hold you close,
Touch your cheeks and bite your nose.
I wish to lie on the bed with my body bare,
Its all for you to love and care
Your fingers move and set a chill in my spine
I hold you tight and wanna make you mine.
Your gentle kisses and caresses
when you pull force my tresses,
Look at my face and deep kiss me,
All I want is to make love with thee.
So my love ,make me fall in love again,
never break my heart and cause it more pain
Just love me as if there’s no tomorrow
With no worries,pains or sorrow.
My reflection in the rippling water,
Showed me my inner self,
Mystic,magestic and sensous
I feel strong and need no ones help.
I have a heart full of emotions,
And a mind filled with passions.
With a strong and reliable sixth sense
I define myself as a woman of substance.
I’m proud of myself because I know my value,
I’ll never settle for anything less than you.
If you ever decline my love,
Will say nothing, but look above.
And when I’m hurt or upset,
My eyes easily get wet.
But my heart is strong enough to stand the pain,
I’m sure that it will never break again.

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