Toys Nightmare (Orion’s Books) (Volume 1) / by Jeta Vojkollari (Author), Daniela Frongia (Illustrator)

Toys Nightmare (Orion’s Books) (Volume 1) 


Orion is a cute little boy, who charms everybody around him. “Like every other child”, you’d say. I agree. He’s exactly like every other child. And like every other child, he likes to have fun and play with many toys. Ah, those toys! Do you know what happened to Orion’s mom, one day? I heard, she’s still terrified. Orion’s mom was tired and fell asleep. Suddenly there was such chaos in the house, that you can not imagine. All the toys started flying and crying, jumping and stumping, sliding and riding, singing and ringing, even screaming and scheming. And then, when his mom woke up… ———– This book of poetry will cheer up children; it will make them learn the poems by heart and recite them all day long; it will teach them responsibility.


Jeta Vojkollari 

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