MY LIFE / Poem by Pranju Gogoi

Poem by Pranju Gogoi
Here in this wonderful earth created by God,
My life is a treasured message for all in this world,
How much important my life is not known to me,
But my words always search everything good to be.
Life is the flow of lofty liveliness,
Everyday I cultivate in the field of soul for happiness,
From where divine rays of light comes out naturally,
And enlightens the path of life long journey.
Life has great value that can’t be misused,
Peace and love are the milestones to make life simple instead,
Today’s pleasure is always tomorrow’s new step in life,
The encouragement of to ignore all hardships erected in life.
Absolutely meaningless to run after excess wealth,
Nothing perpetual here except true generosity of love and kindness,
That is the unique purpose of each life,
My life is always the great request to all for evergreen harmony,
The great message to all to glorify our world for happiness and peacefulness.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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