Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary 

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary 
A flower radiates its felicitous fragrance 
Enterprising to exist in ecstatic elegance 
Beholding beckoning beauty is rare bliss 
We relish it fully without keeping it amiss
Gentle glee generates gleaming grandeur
Enhancing the enthusiasm of an amateur 
Ecstasy in enormity enlivens all existence
Warm eyes savour charm sans resistance
Splendid sights and sounds shape delight 
Nature has splendour to render us upright 
Selecting surely objects keeping us above 
We can venture tough tasks with lofty love
Wondrous will sows all splendorous seeds 
Plucking undesirably unwholesome weeds 
We should blend in bliss all body and spirit 
Managing lofty living with meticulous merit
LSr. Prasad
LSR Prasad is a curious cutter of hearts 
He is regarded as a connoisseur of arts 
He cuts ill hearts to sustain their rhyme
Mended hearts lead the chimes of time
He is familiar with peerless ways of pun 
He operates with awe the fun on the run 
He looks a man with his heart very hard
He remains as a peerlessly blissful bard
He influenced poets’ unique confluence 
He kept us alive with all poetic elegance
Greeting him well with genuine gratitude 
We pay all tributes to him for his altitude
It is poets’ consummate conglomeration 
Radiating love and light with celebration 
A unique meet has heralded our mission 
Rocking this world with many a session
Sing superbly like a sparrow without sorrow
Never borrow woe relying on sweat of brow 
Endearing endeavour enlivens all life’s glow 
Sourcing all survival without blistering blow
Ignite light of hope dispensing with despair
Streaming beams of love for many to share 
You script strikingly the world for tomorrow 
Nullifying disparity with aspirations in a row
Ruminating over past ruptures your rapture 
Relish all rarest realities nurtured by Nature 
Allow wisdom to glow with its unusual flow
illumming existence with miracles to follow
Render your service to others to rare length 
You certainly sustain your spiritual strength 
Eminence ecstatically embraces all eternity 
Ascertaining abundant affluence of affinity.


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