Poems by Anasuya P. Pradhan

Anasuya P. Pradhan
Anasuya, a researcher-cum-poet, presently pursues her research in IIT Roorkee, India. She has authored a book named “Seasons of Love: A Journey from No-where to Now-here”, is paperback and marketed by Amazon. Her ink has been praised in various national & international magazines, anthologies, blogs, poetry forums & journals.
Blessed With Pain
Looking up into your eyes,
I am utterly bewildered,
I feel like a boomerang,
Of course you’re not the same,
Your gaze offers me torment,
Your word pinches,
Every time you hurl me,
I always seem to come back,
Back to you,
Back to pain,
Again and again!
His Crizal Lenses
Just like the tear droplets,
Of your naive almond eyes,
That takes my breath away,
I dazzle sometimes,
Some other times,
I keep quiet.
I ooze out,
Seeing you being sunk in pain,
But piece of glasses you wear,
Are of a costly affair.
I get more vivid,
Beautifully I glimmer,
With your nude eyes,
Let the Crizal lenses be removed!
Buried In Love!
From start to finish,
With each fall and rise,
Your love waves around my breath,
To take me to a paradise hardly found.
A heaven that has gone haywire,
Draping me with intoxicated attire.
Everything seemed blissful again,
The ebon ornamented night,
The blue hued skies,
The bright glittering stars,
And my to-be healed scars!

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