Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra



Silence erupts from darkness
Bored autumn
Unimaginable colours of night

Memories and reminders struggle

To leave behind
The world of our own
Tainted with Tears and laugh

Memories and memories

You close your eyes
Let your dreams take shape
Chase your dreams
In the hope of making them true
You were nowhere
My heart you stole…

Little cobra moans in the rain
Wounds never healed
Rain bringing back
the old pain…

A broken soul in silence…



Passions conspire
Your silence and loneliness
Innocent uncertain hour
Strangled by the voiceless darkness…

Madness of desire
Sea is endless, so the sky
Wisdom of sunflower
Fireflies and cacti,whispering to each other

Secret syllables of love
Between your fingers
Unfinished moments
Wounds of sunflower love
Untamed, disobedient

Often remember your dancing feet
Love has no eyes
Draped with sensuous moon
Uncertain endless drama continued…


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