Poems by Blanca Alicia Garza

Poems by Blanca Alicia Garza


A Bed of Earth

My time has come
I was not ready
But she does not forgive 
I’m here in this cold box
I wonder if I loved enough
I can’t feel the sun now
and tear drops are falling
watering thirsty soil
I feel them all crying
but I cannot hear at all;
silence is just deafening.
I have blessed peace and
tranquility within my heart.
Although my soul aches
for those I left behind,
I can feel a strong rhythm,
it is a much loved Mariachi
playing my favorite songs?
I’m singing now, so loud!
Don’t be sad my loves
I’m in a wonderful place,
with roses in a bed of earth
tears and sadness are gone.


Red Closeted Dream

Cold and empty walls
Silence that tears the soul
Memories moistening the eyes
Promises the wind took away
An unworn red dress
left forgotten in a closet
A white rose symbolizing
eternal love stored in the
dusty drawer of oblivion.

© Blanca Alicia Garza 2017


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