Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
The Amber Sphere
Ripened with your benediction
I am inflammable now
Keep a safe distance
For I could explode any time
An amber sphere of throbbing heat
My limbs are weary with fire
Let me shed the weight of the world
And bury my head in the soft Earth
Drop by drop , leaf by leaf
I vanish into the ether
Don’t look for me tomorrow
I think I will be gone !
Copyright Lily Swarn 24.10.2017
The wait
I sat on this bench and waited
From sunrise till sunset
Till the pine needles changed their hues
From sparkling green gold to a vivid orange
Till the canna blooms wilted in agonised anticipation
Their vivacious flame colours paled
The silence of the woods awakened by a rude jolt
As the jackdaw set up a tuneless cacophony
I think you will come tomorrow!
Copyright Lily Swarn 21 .10.2017
Lily Swarn

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