Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



Almighty has compassionate us.

Old Gothic fireplace at attic room,
enjoys golden times, serenades invite,
kneeled in front of Stradivari violin,
mankind’s joy, music time,
educated thin fingers of Nicole Pesce,
is playing Beethoven on this goddess …

Gentle sounds are spilled out at the mall,
people stopped as drunk
fascinated by the crystalline grades,
from the open top window,
waves are spread in this paradise
easy, lucid, blazing,
for ears day of celebration,
electrifies the sense of satisfaction,
pleasant, charming, rivet,
over, permanently is lighted a candle for peace ….

Intertwined with mimosa scent, perfect youth,
I close my eyes, enjoy life in the world,
imagining perfection of the nature,
sounds of spring wrapped me, oh.. divine nature …
Hope, Living, smiling with love,
dressed smoothly seasoned lust,
spiritual mood as the shade of emerald



Hails this small world
the sincere, ordinary people
these creatures
that knit the weaves of pleasure.
I am part of this idyll
feel sympathy
silence, joy, tough days
I want to coexist with them
I’m not loaded with hate
stream that pollute the soul.

In the limited scope of the spirit
trying to get calm
a place where justice is born
in that scales of life
I am trying to find happiness.

I do not ask much
a little space to liven up
trying to pave the way of generosity
meet with noble friends.

Above they stand
in the offices adorned with wealth
the dictionary is broken
language distorted
feelings suffer
I know
these virtues belong to their cruel world!

See, they are coming
Pharaohs clothed in tie
Feed are
with crowns of irony-jealousy
it is also there
owner of the castle
the slave of ignorance
even farther the eyes swim
I do see gathered are
Negative energy, homo sapiens sowing fear.

I roll slowly, calmly
Towards the way of the goodness as a human being!


One thought on “Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

  1. Peace lives Here ‘-is a classic poem.It displays the erudite world of the poet’s imagination with reference to high vision.

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