Poems by Anasuya Priyadarshini Pradhan

Anasuya Priyadarshini Pradhan
Anasuya, a researcher-cum-poet, presently pursues her research in IIT Roorkee, India. She has authored a book named “Seasons of Love: A Journey from No-where to Now-here”, is paperback and marketed by Amazon. Her ink has been praised in various national & international magazines, anthologies, blogs, poetry forums & journals.
While sitting in front of my study table,
I kept gazing at my diary as I often do,
Was pondering to pen down something,
As from many days haven’t written a few.
Then suddenly my eyes got seized,
By those two DRIED ROSES inside pen stand,
The eternal relics my favourite days,
Those days of our intense love,
Evidence of the promises we made,
Live witness of our smiles and tears,
Everything got rejuvenated at a single glance,
The joy we shared, the wounds we had,
The dreams we saw, the yore we let go!
He is the heal to my wound,
Vigor to my frailty,
My North and South,
My East and West,
My weekdays work,
My weekend rest,
My days, my noon,
My midnight, my dawn,
The song of my ethereal pain,
My love and warmth den!
What for this vermilion,
When my forehead is already inflamed with your kiss?
What for these bridal garments,
When I’m already draped in your arms?
What for these beauty therapies,
When I’m THE MOST BEAUTIFUL in your eyes?
What for these myriad hues,
When I’m colorful with your INTENSE LOVE!!

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