Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
A simple female
She is a woman
Not a lioness,nor a rebel
she is a simple female
She smiles with the sunshine
Feels people’s pain
And cries with The rain
She is a simple female
She fears hurt
That’s why
She builds high walls
And keeps herself far
From conflicts
She is a simple female
She has achieved no dream
but she is hopeful and aspires
The best for her kids
She is a simple woman
The caravan of my thoughts
Took me again to the oasis
Of my imagination
There we played hide and seek
And had sweet dates
Half moon is lit by the sun
And the other half
Is waiting for the fourteenth night
To become a whole moon and shine
A new beginning
Stepping the departure line
Starting a new marathon
A new beginning from the depth
To the peak of my hopes
Walking till i find my path
Talking till i convince myself
Cherishing my heart and mind
Singing to my soul the best song
Riding those unicorns surviving in my imagination
Crossing the universe
Reaching the highest sky
And coming back To earth
Feeding the doves and setting them free
Breathing deeply
Sending a message to my Inner
‘You ,the depth of my depth
Grow softly’
The Nomad is me
Iam a nomad
I traveled and traveled
From the journey
I learned wearing black
Is not a choice but a natural necessity
Feeling thirsty, no fountains ahead
Only a mirage
The lonely fountain is the one Within me
I drink and thank God

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