Poetry-Creation of Social Scientist / by Mohd Shafi

Mohd Shafi
Mohd Shafi was born in 28th of March 1989 in Kharpora Gowharpora ,Jammu and Kashmir state. He is enjoyed throughout the world and highly praised in England, Australia and America. He is a Literary Critic at World Union Poetry-Australia. He is a Published Poet at National and International level.
Poetry-Creation of Social Scientist
Poetry is the Scientific reaction of action. It is the reproduction of sounds in logical sequence of order. It is the method of human communication either spoken or written consisting the use of words in a structured and conventional way to produce the rhythmic effect in ears . It arrests the mind to involve Sense,thinking process,and the creative development to produce something new by the method of scientific reaction of action. Poetry is the method of absorbing power of the creative process ,deriving Poetic power in a novel way to unify the disturbance of the Instincts to produce the nature of Pleasure, Pain, Pleasure in pain or pain in pleasure.
Poetry and the Science are the two sides of the same coin . Poetry discovers the abstract things and the Science discovers the concrete things. Both are the kids-Science(Son) and Poetry (daughter) of the same Parent. Both work individually and in their free setting. Both work for the betterment of human life to progress in the universe. Science trains human mind to make life easy and the Poetry trains human mind to mould thought scientifically to produce how to use scientific discovery in a gentle way.
Poetry and Science ,both are dominated by a way of thinking , feeling, processing,deriving and structuring . It is not learned but a natural tendency to react scientifically in a particular way.
Man is endowed with inborn abilities . These abilities are tested in the Laboratory of within under Dr. Intellect .The question which arises here is :WHERE POETRY GETS BIRTH?
Its answer is very simple,”Poetry is an offspring of Particular Instincts which generalise the the universal thought in the Laboratory of Social Scientist to produce,derive and create.
Poet’s nerves produce warmth of blood in veins to activate mind,heart,getting impressions.
Poets consist Instincts – 1 , Instincts -2 and Dr. Intellect .
It is stated that Instincts -1 and Instincts -2 are the two group of sisters playing near the cell(Laboratory) of Social Scientist -Dr Intellect. He is their father.
Instincts -1:-Inhales in her nose to present innovation,
Sounds travel,breeze in reputation,
By chance,Instincts-2 keep its foot on her foot(Instincts -2) while playing,and it strike its foot and lose balance.
Instincts-1 in its violent anger slapped it(Instincts -2). She wept bitterly.
Dr Intellect :- A Social Scientist by Profession listens the cries of Instincts- 2.
He ordered both group of instincts to join him in his Cell(Laboratory).
Both came and entered into their father’s cell.
Stand up , both of your groups,
Hug tightly,
Toil ,accept and agree
(Both hugged each other)
Dr Intellect’s Joy knew no bounds,
He taught them in his Laboratory ,”To produce Creative Sounds with the instruments like vocal card “.
Instincts 1 and 2 :-Both learned Production of Sounds,
Their sounds are received with open arms by their father,
He as a Social Scientist tested their sounds in his cell,
He tested them WITH NO – MAN’S INSTRUMENTS. These sounds carried rhythmic effect to charm the readers.
He taught and graced them to derive in agreement,and test it before producing such effective and Creative sounds.
Creative Process is the dress of thought in the form of sound,
Thought is an offspring of Sounds.
Sounds are divine,
Divinity of sounds graced the power of rhythmic effect,
Sounds of rhythm,
Outer or interior,
Centralise the essence of being,
Being of sound,
Sound in high,low,up,down,down up,up down,
Scientific reaction desires in Social Scientists Laboratory ,
Yields trouble , fusing fixed reaction,
In logical order to produce,
Leaving troubles,
Finding new Scientific fusing fixed reaction to find the way,
Ultimately to discover,
The sounds in rhythm.
There is special message in the sounds in rhythm,
Their divine relation reacts scientifically,
My dear Instincts,asked Dr Intellect ,”Poetry is the Science of Sounds in the form of Jewellery Linguistic items to produce the deriving thoughts in a way of Scientific reaction”.
It (Poetry) is the production of instincts guided by their head scientist (Social Scientist-Dr. Intellect)within to derive the Pearls(Words)which shine in the mud.
I let you my daughters to visit regularly in the cell of my Laboratory to discover the speech sound in an effective way.
Scientific reaction in the veins of Inborn abilities arranged the instincts to fuse thoughts of being. The beauty of the literary work lies in the deriving fuses ,and scientific temperament of the rhythmic sound is getting birth from the ashes of fusing and deriving power . Scientific words are dry as the seeds of the Corn. Apart from that Poetry is the seed deriving from the ashes of the Land ,while taking Action in reaction,and reaction in action ,which derive yearly new crops of Poetry.

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