Poems by Shalini Samuel

Poems by Shalini Samuel
Feel the pain
None says,
lets abort a male child
lets harass this man for dowry
lets ogle him, distracting his work
let him face labour pain, just once
why does a man need education?
if it had happened
someday somewhere
the pain of woman
would have been felt –
strongly and intensely
Glorious Crown
From the high skies, they hear a cry, loud and bold
The garden of life, dances for the windy music
The roses bloomed awe, goose-bumps all of a sudden
their overwhelming heart leaps, nerves stretch to maximum
After the thunderstorm in the Summer rains
She rises high like a winter pie…
braving the flash floods of life
she restores every tumbling block
a valorous women- she reconstructs lost foundation
akin a phoenix, she raises every-time she is destroyed
with more wisdom and strength, she lifts her head
from the debris of her shattered life
the roses eagerly aromatize her head-
she deserves this glorious crown.
Summer Vacation
sunny morn –
dried leaves sings a song;
alarming her of his arrival.
she stoops from the balcony
a clear glimpse- she strives for
blurred vision hinders excitement
but her smile isn’t stolen
her wrinkled eyes, beam in happiness
expecting her son’s arrival
she awaits for a serendipitous encounter.

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