CHOOSING HUMAN DESTINY / Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand

Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand



What I was in my previous incarnations
And what I shall be after I die

O God! Save me from the destiny of killers maradaurs and even warriors.

No wish I harbour even to be Alexander
The great Victor.
I have fears so many times
I might have fallen to the arrows
In a battle
Or killed in gunfire

I don’t want to be a human
If fire of ambition
Poison and swords wait for me.

Is there no DESTINY
Different from the killers
Or their victims?

Blissfully I don’t remember anything.
Haply nothing more shall I
In future.

I don’t want to be exterminated
In a concentration camp
Nor meet extinction in a nuclear

Better turn me an animal
Or a bird at his play
Let me sing thy praises
And fall to dust one fine day.

Keep me away from power
Ambition and desire
Best let me grow a tree
In your palace, O kind Sire.

Dr. Jernail Singh Anand
All rights reserved @2017

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