PLUTO ( PLUTÓN ) – To Alan Stern* / Poem by Teresinka Pereira – *President IWA

Poem by Teresinka Pereira
*President IWA
To Alan Stern*
A cold and distant world,
a planet is a small
dream paradise
in the solar system:
Pluto, the dwarf planet
stays three billion years
from the Sun
and almost ten years
of the spacecraft Horizon
from Earth.
Alan Stern waits:
there will be photographs
of the Plutonic five Moons,
enough to drive an astronomer
or a lunatic poet
out of their minds.
*Alan Stern is an astronomer
and great supporter of the
mission to Pluto.
Para Alan Stern*
Un frío y distante
mundo, un planeta,
un pequeño paraíso
en el Sistema Solar:
Plutón, el planeta enano,
situado a tres billones
de años del Sol
y casi diez años
viajando por la nave espacial
Horazon, lanzada desde la Tierra.
Alan Stern espera:
“¡ Vamos conseguir fotografías
de las cinco Lunas plutónicas!”
Claro, esto puede hacer
un astrónomo enloquecer
de felicidad,
¡ y a un lunático poeta
*Alan Stern es un astrónomo
de la NASA y un gran entusiasta
de la misión al planeta Plutón.

One thought on “PLUTO ( PLUTÓN ) – To Alan Stern* / Poem by Teresinka Pereira – *President IWA

  1. Pluto and it’s moon Charon,tells us of Gods loving son,for by its side it always stays,the Lord Jesus said I am with you alway. The other moons of Pluto say, to the judgment seat we are on our way ,the names they have are there to teach, presented spotless the Lord we’ll meet. Sty/x says filth will go ,N/I/X says not one wrong , hydra washed from all our sins and Ker/ber/us what a caring throng . “ Ye must be born again “. There are no coincidences with God !!.

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