Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



We stand
Beyond hill of manhood
And want to see 
Valleys of dreams
Pervasive realities
That prop
From tall fences
To devour wily plants of dreams
Like wolves in pen—-

But some aggressive dreams
Rise like Phoenix
And start to soar
In pungent colors
Of the sky
Like butterflies darting
In luscious meadows
Then dry bushes of hope
Begin to whisper
As If mercenaries
Rise from the trenches
Opening eyes
In disillusionment——

Soon eastward lights
In gleam
And the earth
Begins to be emerald
Ready to sprout
In the human yard
For another dawn !



Brilliant and bright
Is the rainbow
Laden with color
Reflecting images over land
Hiding under leaves
Where caterpillars stretch bodies
Sucking dew drops.

The serene sky
Is trifled with clouds
Like squirrels which hide
In bush just to appear
In gaily sparkle
Over wily grass—
Hopping and scurrying.

There, in the field
The dry leaves of papal tree
Rebuff gentle wind
Flighty without repose
And fall in awkward jerk.

The starlit sky
As if emerald waving sea
Emit memories and whisper
With coy mountains
In pensive brood.

The soul of the universe:
Protean and impetuous
Spreads far and wide
As illustrious as embers
As silent as deep breath
But in the universal songs
Sparkling poised mysteries.

The foliage imparts jocund scene
When butterflies and lotus
Whisper each other
In eternal confluence
Beyond human words !


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