Poems by ABAHN LETH (Lễ Thành Bá)

Poems by ABAHN LETH (Lễ Thành Bá)



It’s no use regretting or being sorry for myself dejected.
How blue the colour of love was but so soon fast faded !
Crackers of New Year Eve exploded as those of her wedding.
The recalling poems of Spring’s Night were presented.

Whose dreamland was Dalat the city of dreaming?
In my heart a rising melancholy nostalgia started.
I wondered why the long-sealed fate thwarted.
Should the life be blamed for its transforming?

I wondered what the reason was of my wandering
in the city so-called the land of Cherry-trees.
Weren’t there any schools in Hue the Old Capital?
Should I have had to foresee my proposal.

Might the reason be in my high aspiration
Of what have I thought through meditation?
I dreamt on famous schools in my sight
On well-known teachers and good students.



Sầu mà chi luyến tiếc thêm chi?
Màu ái ân xanh thế vẫn phai.
Pháo nổ Giao Thừa như pháo cưới.
Đêm Xuân hồi tưởng có bài thi.

Đà Lạt mộng mơ xứ của ai?
Lòng tôi chợt nổi mối u hoài.
Vì ai nên nỗi duyên đành lỡ.
Nào trách chi đời khéo chuyển xoay.

Tự hỏi lòng tôi cớ tại sao?
Bỗng dưng tôi lạc xứ Hoa Đào.
Cố Đô nào phải không trường học !
Hay chút mơ màng ước vọng cao?

Tôi đã suy tư đã nghĩ gì?
Tôi mơ ánh sáng tiểu Paris.
Tôi mơ Đà Lạt trường danh tiếng.
Thầy giỏi trò hay chẳng mấy khi.



From the bottom of her heart she poured out inmost feelings.
Her clever eyes were full of warm sunshine of Spring,
Full of her fervent love, her confidence.
She got quite an eyeful of her intelligence.

Some shades of clouds were kissing some hill slopes.
I wished I had kissed her hair, raising her hope
With the most tender and respectful attitude.
What glamour was drowning me in a doting mood !


Doting Mood

Em nói say sưa rất nhiệt tình
Nhìn em qua đôi mắt thông minh
Mang theo tia nắng mùa xuân ấm
Tâm sự thật đầy trong mắt xanh.

Bóng mây trìu mến hôn lưng đồi
Cũng muốn như mây hôn tóc người
Âu yếm ân cần trang trọng nhất
Sắc hương nào đã ngập hồn tôi


Proposal Of Marriage


Kìa đôi chim nhảy cành sang cành
Trong nắng ban mai rạng rỡ dần.
Có phải chim trời làm sứ giả ?
Hân hoan lượn vút lên trời xanh?

La Pensée em khéo lựa tên.
Người đâu gặp gỡ có nên duyên.
Tương lai đèn sách còn xa quá
Có chắc trăm năm trọn ước nguyền ?

Mặc cho tâm trí em mơ màng,
Tôi đã thêm vui bớt ngại ngần.
Trước một tâm tình tha thiết thật.
Làm sao từ chối mối tình thân.?


Hứa Hôn

From twig to twig, a couple of birds was jumping.
In the morning,the sun with joy, more and more beaming.
The birds – messengers of love? Might it be true?
Great pleased, soared to the sky so blue !

La Pensée ! How smart her choice was for the meaning !
Would we both become a mature couple as dreaming?
Since my graduation has been nowhere near accomplished,
Would it be sure to realize the wedding we wished?

Meditating on what I could save for a treasure.
My past successes were uncertain for a stable future.
Straight forward going was still my firm decision.
Could I engage daringly for a would be separation?

Letting her see vaguely in a dream at will,
I felt genial in a talk without reluctant still.
I should say something to meet her proposal
Of marriage . . . How could I give a refusal ?


One thought on “Poems by ABAHN LETH (Lễ Thành Bá)

  1. Dear Friends !
    Be aware of a big dream without betraying your ideal , all of you ! A proud or humble person, people will end up somewhere in life. The opportunity to end up should be where we want. Paradise or hell ?
    Integrity or hypocrisy ? What do you have to bother to reflect on the conditions of your fateful journey for beginning to think of spiritual innovation or being willing to go quietly through regionalistic life as ever endured the injustice then despairing detachment, being withdrawal, happy the happy side of the road – the very rhetoric pragmatic immediate need ? Every life journey there is always a starting point and ending point. Before the end, have you had to confront the obstacles and won ? It is important to win yourself ? Life’s journey is a process of exploring the inner turns of deepest aspirations. And then you need to look back on the journey. The experience has to be what you expected ? To have no regrets ? I choose the itinerary leads to true life. I do not regret it, “It’s time I find it necessary to reset the problem, should choose a direction with the desire of my life on earth, that has a real meaning, so that when I close my eyes, steam off – my ‘life wharf “- I will be right away where I was longing to.
    Being aware of a big dream is not passive but very positive to the liberal mentality confidence evoked potentials that might hide themselves pure. New resources make the thinking. Let’s hit the road starting the journey with new adaptive adjustment. Each person each way, every step is full of promise, full of hope and confidence that triumphantly satisfy your dream. Never late if we have minds of waiting for a bright morning with all zeal of devoted hearts and minds to experience the trust that has really made from the declared dream sources.
    your spirituality and feelings are important factors, but the purpose of life has ultimate significance. Happiness is a Reward, not a Salary .Our hearts are full of freshness like apricot forests in Spring, full of vividity like hills of multicolorful rose scenting or full of brilliancy like hills of sunflowers : the places where sunshine always comes not only for anything or for ANYONE . ABAHN LETH (BÁ LÊ THÀNH)

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