Annamica II – Sidra Afzal / Translated by : Muhammad Azram

Poem by: Sidra Afzal
Annamica II
Since I lost you
Stars are breaking in revolutions
And being disseminated from the trails
My wishes and desires are altering too
Princess Jasmine
Start loving her dungeon
And her heart shrills like bells of temples
For Nadir who deluged fire on devotees
And hauled youths in the streets of feebleness
And fighting crusades of egoism and vanity
Since I lost you
The song “Delve deep into soul for the secrets of life”
Sings no worth at all
This decree mimicking of promises lost values
Teaching of kindness and forbearance
Limited to Quranic teaching
And fading in the sacred books
And the Hatim of the time is aware of nothing, but Self
This is an appetite of new age
Complex and multifaceted;
Deprived and neglected;
Are locked in the palms of fortunes,
With attested copies of Zafar visits Rangoon
Where on the name of hearings,
On dates after dates, history is being documented
Holy wars continue in the veils of desires
Hard disks of Watching CCTV cameras are dispersed
In todays uncanny romance
The love stories of Laila and Majnoo
Are being illustrious with the fashion of pornography
Lips of Shereen and gazes of Farhad
Are constrained to lyrics, verses and rhymes
In the mountains and stars
And in the cascading waterfalls
In the thirty chapters of light of earth and heaven
I have Googled to whole compendium
In the search of phenomena called Love
But all the IDs and profiles of Love are fake and fabricated
For what, on the very day of instigation
We pledged to worship love as God
Translated by : Muhammad Azram

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