Series #84 – Ed Mckinney / Ade Caparas

Series #84

literature is life itself, the theme, the grammar, the structure, are the physical limbs that sculpt new landscape in the literary world.

In our PHILOSOPHIQUE POÉTICA, “PP-Anand CRITIQUE” hosts by our great poet Cijo Joseph Chennelil, his analysis tries to siege the depth-philosophy of the poem, while here at WUP-Australia “Perceptive Review”, our analyst, Mohd Shafi, tries to screen the structural meaning of the poem…

Cav Silvano Bortolazzi, Dr Jernail S Anand, and myself, will always find ways and means to encourage, motivate, inspire and grow our world literary groups.

Our great thanks to Cijo Joseph Chennelil and Mohd Shafi for their extra effort to help us

WUP-Australia has initiated a new ‘discussion portal’ called

“Perceptive Review” [Mohd Shafi/acm]
headed by poet/writer, Mohd Shafi and ade caparas manilah

Recently, Mohd gave this review to a poem by Ed Mckinney, whose poetry is bit quite difficult to fathom because of some slang words.

The Poem titled,”Let you tell it” is one of the toughest but richest Literary work which needs hard work to get its basic theme. Its thoughts are diverse in Unity to produce structural beauty. The Poem was penned wonderfully by Ed Mckinney. It is one of the complex poem to mark the legendary in the field of English Literature. The poem sketches a video game which is development and manufactured by sega for the master system. In this game the princess is showing kidnapped ,captive inside a castle by an evil witch. The message of the poem is strong .It uses the game ,penty, bra fit to bite as images to draw mental pictures to enrich the meaning of the poem. The literary techniques like consonance /Pit/,/Pot/,Piss / adds the Poetic structural beauty. On other side some one missed the class and passed it to over. The Poet put forth ideas brilliantly The speaker mentions in 20th of now and forced them to speak the truth. Again consonance adds beauty like /trump/ /preamp/ /tramp/ to enrich the meaning and let readers imagination to think . It ripped off Peter and at the same time it shows an expression of contempt. The image of jelly fish is also producing artistic effect and to find a place of way which they need. The poem is not about the game. In life each and everyone plays a game but in reality it is not a game but the situations faced in life. The readers are told to find place of the way. Hard work is mentioned to speak and promote issues of life.The simile iron man down came like Thor who was exiled by his father when he landed earth his trusted weapon is discovered and captured. Assonance again like soul keeper deeper reaper girls finalise the meaning of the poem.

“Let you tell it”
by: Ed Mckinney

Dwyck’ slang for Spanish lit
lite pit pot to piss on, let you
tell it, it would seem as though
the game was invented by you
an you an yo mans an dem. See
left wing racks bra panties fit so
bite it. Attak on mi no one gets
a pass. Yo’ you missed dat class
passed over you, then again you
head was far up in her puss.
Let you tell it
20th of now. Come on, ” speak da truth
you sounded off as though your uncle is

trump preamp tramp for nicke off peter just nuts in da mouth loco. But, 18er let you tell it
I never was in there like sports illustrated cover bronze action Jackson seque. Come on, ” let you tell it” the sorry story informs under world belly of jelly fish scale.
Ask those whom dojo dey came to in need.
Let you tell it, my game was not used a bit
official word, I did things the goat way. Hard work, no freebie ere. Man up down came iron man thorn like Thor an lex luger. Mover of, body soul keeper deeper reeper girls stank sleeper.
Let you tell it

Written by
Half breed Copy rights reserved©10 23 2017
Ed Mckinney

My gratitude and thanks to:
Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil
Prof. Mohd Shafi

_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

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