Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S

Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S



Oh… Lord
My heavenly Father
Do not give it to me
Wealth or poverty

Just give me
What is mine

And give me the ability
To enjoy it
Of all Thy gifts
The best in my whole life …

Please, accept my thanks-giving
What I have whispered to You
In my lonely prayer, and my petition

Satisfy me…
By the sweet caress of Your love
And comfort me…
By the warmth of Your love

Never let me walk alone
Though in the darkness
Let me not get lost

Hold on my little-hand !

Guide my path-way …
By the light of Your glory
Get rid… of all the stumbling blocks

Until I arrive infront of Your house
My soul’s deeply longing for
And welcome me –
To get into Your house of glory

Where You are, there I am
Forever and ever… !



anger without cause
blurring the eyes
like a devouring fire
burning yourself in turmoil
drying the rivers of life

wild anger …
blinded view
troubling the soul
drowning hope;
make the flowers of love wither
breaking the threads of love

measurable anger
can be beneficial
to straighten the bent iron
so that it can be straight, directed …

small fires can be useful
if used wisely;
but if it is enlarged and wild
it will eat up
all around…


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