Poems by Sunita Paul

Poems by Sunita Paul
Heart is paining
Clouds gathering in the dark sky
Shadows surrounding me,makes thoughts fly
Imprisoned in this agony i ask my mind
Bounded by regrets,leaving the past behind.
Everytime I die in your painful thoughts
I revive again and look into the change it has brought.
I never got to call you mine,
But now I feel that it was all fine.
You were not worthy and strong to lean on,
Neither will you ever care if I’m dead and gone.
But still I choose to drench in the darkest rain,
Just to soothe my heart from the burning pain.
Light up my world,let all the darkness go
Heap the joys from the happy seeds we sow.
Spread sunshine and laughter everywhere,
Keep all the words you swear.
Love me forever and ever,
Stay by me and leave me never.
You are the light in my life,my dear,
And I know I never need to fear.
As long as you are by my side,
All the phases of my life,you will be there to guide.
So today as all the lights glow and shine,
I know with you the rest of my days will be superfine.
Frozen Emotions
Frozen Emotions
Melted Passions
Heart pains
Down memory lanes
I find me waiting on the same spot
Where you left my heart to rot.
Hidden scars
I can see from far
The whispers and cries
Silently shows all your lies
I come back from the past
Memories are there to last
Now all emotions have frozen
And you seem to brazen.

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