Poem by George Onsy



O Love-God
O God who art love
How fond I’m of
Body-spirit-soul delights
As moon smiles
Through warm perfumed nights
Where kisses
Colorfully burn my lips
When sighs
Whisper secret melodies
Among waving rips
With touches
That plant flowery flames
Into a choir of tissues
Just woken
To shout their names
Drowned I will be
In the cuddling whirl
And right at the bottom
I would nothing see
As the two melt in one
After the symphony
Has heartily been done
Then, in all this I must say
Thank you!
It’s all but your grace
That fills the air,
That warms the space
Yet, I will always be
Thirsty still
Because only you can
My grey void fill

With my painting: Body-Spirit-Soul Rhythms 4

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