Poems by Orbindu Ganga

Poems by Orbindu Ganga
Nature’s wrath …
Poured with vigour
flushing the wriggle,
wetted the meadows
laughing were the firmament,
rain gale twisted in tandem
muffled were the dust
flowing with the rest
being quelled wrenched,
deep in her crest
the dust smeared
ploughed in spear,
casted off from the rest
sieved in the mercury of rust,
draught nested,
deluge mended,
shrivel of fear,
swept with the wind;
aghast with time
man wriggled with the soil
vanity cusped with nature’s wrath;
inundated spate
brought silence,
rested are the glean
with no trace of future
to seed a speck …
Through the prism …
Shining clusters
of staid seven,
pass through the prism
with mirth of shower,
knowing the known
did she imbibed,
crafted the unknown
did she refracted,
frail vapour smeared
in search of their dear,
having few colours
thousands flowered,
to whirl from the knot
they splashed in millions,
eyed through the prism
fumbled at ransom,
searched for long
never to have tasted all along.
My song …
Thoughts wondered
to flow in thunder,
did they meander
to amble in hunger,
lost were the words
nested the hymns,
explored the wings
caught were the wings,
long wait did ended
hiatus down in slender,
smelling the pleasant
feeling the vibrance,
making the flowers to smile
swirling the leaves to dance,
veined in so deep
caught in her tune,
dreamt with open-eyed
a music of eternity …

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