Albinoni’s Adagio / George Onsy

SAD, or The Eternal Moaning

A lyrics written and adapted to the immortal Albinoni’s Adagio in B Minor by George Onsy.

About Albinoni’s Adagio

There was a great piece of classical music entitled Adagio in G minor and composed by the great Italian composer Amaso Albinoni in the 18th century. During World War II, Dresden Saxon State’s Library, where the music sheet of that work had been kept, was bombarded and entirely burnt. Only a fragment with a few bars of Albinoni’s Adagio survived to be reconstructed and arranged by the 20th c. composer Giazotto to reach our ears and hearts.

To get an idea about it, please visit youtube at:

You can also find the musical sheet of its score:

Why is SAD, or The Eternal Moaning written?


Responding to the miraculous survival of this work which unfortunately has been used over and over as film music and ordinary love songs, though it had been entitled MUSICA DELA CHIESA aiming to convey special spiritual depths, I decided to write a lyric to restore it back to its original dignity and grandeur.


My lyrics is intended to echo the voice of the universal man, as he still has the endless doubt about the existence of his maker, God. Through this lyrics, I’m just trying to open an open nontraditional dialogue with many people who refuse to believe in God.

The Lyrics

SAD .. The Eternal Moaning

Introductory words:

On the rhythm of my heartbeat, I would say words I once whispered when I had no loving God to believe in, words that may raise big questions for everyone.

Sad if you’d ever exist .. sad
Sad whoever you would be .. sad
For your love is never shared
Your beloved has never cared
Yes, I’ve never ever dared
Believe in you.
If they all say you are a king
Who holds everything
I’d say, however,
I will never
Be yours for I’m free
From a myth that can’t be  
Of a god I don’t see

Sad if you’d ever exist .. sad
Sad whoever you would be .. sad
For the beauty all around me                           
Mountains, valleys, sky and sea
All I do deny to be
Made by you
If they say you’re able to bring                
All out of nothing
I’d say, however,
Myself never                             
Came just to be
In a world with a key
I insist to be free

Sad if you’d ever exist .. sad
Sad whoever you would be .. sad
For with everything I enjoy
Peace, health, wealth, success an’ joy
And when no harm nor problem to annoy
I’d never thank you If they all say that under your wing
One can secure everything
I would say, however,
My life’s never, never
Dependent on you
For what would I do
If you were never be real nor true,
Nor true?

Sad if you’d ever exist .. sad
Sad whoever you would be .. sad
For the things I’m bound to
Are for me GOD, real an’ true
Whatever you promise to give or to do
Why then should I ever need you?        
If they say that one can gladly sing
Of an eternal bliss you may bring
I would never
Know why and how
I can’t take here, I can’t take now
Rights you’d never allow

All I would ask you:
Why should I’ve been
Brought to this existence

No acceptance nor resistance
I will however
Ask it forever
The answer’s silent still
And it’ll be so until
I will the great void fill    
The great void
Sad if you would see me die
Letting all go in a moment, in a sigh
Sad because it’ll be only my
Own choice too
Could you ever
Raise a being
Who hates being     
Alive in your being?  

Lyrics & Musical Adaptation


George Onsy

All rights reserved 2013


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