Poems by Dr. Shivputra Shivraj Kanade

Poems by Dr. Shivputra Shivraj Kanade
Live and let live
Live and let live
In peace and harmony
Live and let live
In thy blessed company.
Live and let live
Don’t let anyone change you
Live and let live
Don’t let life rearrange you.
Live and let live
With each other in peace
Live and let live
In happiness with ease.
Live and let live
So that other’s may feel alive
Live and let live
Each day with positive vibe.
Let and let live
Spread light and love
Live and let live
A life as you are a blessed angel sent from heaven above.
I don’t know you
Who are you ?
It seems I don’t know you at all
A shadow
A mystery
I don’t know you
The child inside you has turned grey
Love never dies
Love never dies
How much time flies
Distance can never break
Strong ones never shake
Love never dies
True love never lies
It may change or be slow
Better go with the flow.
Love never dies
Real ones never bid goodbyes
It always lives in their heart
Till they decay and depart
Let me introduce mmyself
Let me introduce myself
Here to all of you,
I’m a simple man
Who respects a woman
Born of a beautiful mother
Carrying the traits of my father
I’m the son of this soil
With lot of self respect and confidence
I present to you all my true sense
I walk with my head held high
I stay away from lies
Again I introduce myself
Without any hard word’s help
Inside me there’s a child
Sometimes pure,innocent,sometimes wild.
A lover by nature
I love all god made creature
I come here to share you my love and light
Meeting you all was a great delight
Let me lastly introduce myself
I’m only a human
Humanity is my religion
My country is Mother Earth
Where I have taken birth.
I wish to end this note with love and peace
My introduction with an ease.

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