Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Let me
Let me walk beside you along the river
Let the fragile ferns caress my thoughts
Let the bleeding soldier of a sun
Bandage my wounds with his fire
Let the musky fragrance of frangipani overpower you
With its heady murderous whirlpools
Let the eddies of my screaming innards engulf you in oceans currents
Let the tuberoses infuse incense in my sanctum sanctorum
Let me anoint and salve your traumatised aura
And hold it close to my bosom
Let me not whisper tender endearments in your reddening ears
For I am the dream that has still not conspired to come alive !
Copyright Lily Swarn 30.10.2017
My Holy Citadel
Crowds of dismal thoughts
Creeping in on my solitude in droves and hordes
Tiptoeing into the vast barren land of my being
Determined to lay siege on my holy citadel
Go away ! I beseech you
Go and rule over your gigantic kingdom of misery
I beg you to let me breathe through this claustrophobic air
Allow the cherubic sun to beam its radiance on my grey cells
I am a child of Destiny
I know how to smile through my tears
I have destructive weaponry
I can rip apart your defences
I won’t let you sleep in peace
I shall outlive your sinister designs
I wait in haunts of eagles and vultures
I love the acrid taste of beating hearts
I gouge out eyes that bear me ill
Alas , I know better now !
“I “is no longer my favourite word
It’s You and only You my Creator
It’s Your Will and Your World
You call the shots
You lay the plans
You lead , I follow
You smile , and so do I !
You give and I partake
You are my strength
You are my arsenal as well
Copyright Lily Swarn 5.11.2017

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