Poems by Sudha Dixit

Poems by Sudha Dixit
The spring season departs
The verdant leaves turn brown
Step on them, they cry in pain
Just hear their crumbling sound
I dropped a glass, it shattered
With a crunching sigh aloud
Rain drops fall, singing in groans
They are tears of gloomy cloud
All that gets hurt or injured
Screams in woeful appearance
When heart breaks – makes no sound
Endures the hurt in deep silence
Women’s Day
It’s been a long and tedious journey
From time immemorial
Women had to trudge
And traipse through
All ills and ordeals
Some ancient sages quipped –
“Gods reside where
Women are worshiped”
Some religions opined that
“Unfaithful women be whipped”
(Mind you – only women,
Time and again, Not men)
Radicals mention –
“Women need protection
By father, husband and son,
In life’s every phase –
Childhood, youth and old age
Why should they ask for freedom
Yes ‘why’ they need the reason
Well, will men accept devotion
In lieu of their freedom ?
Would they rather be revered
And forgo their fiefdom ?
It were the feudal systems
Females were mere items,
Were traded as commodity
Made subservient in reality
Capitalists were cocky with money
Socialists had different hegemony
All religions, all faiths
All calculations, all maths
Are against the fair sex
But ‘Why’
Is the question complex
It’s the mind – set of men
Who play the power – game
For women, till today ,
The rough and thorny
Path is same
So what’s women’s day,
For one day – just today
Should I be happy and gay
No sir,
From this restrictive scinario
I want to get away
Either find a new avenue
Or make my own way
Break all manacles and fetters
In the name of safety N shelters
Construe my own game – plan
On my terms I play
Then and then only
Every day will be
A Women’s Day
Veiled Woe
I’ll never call you aloud
But, can’t you hear the scream,
Stifled inside me , unheard
Like the underground stream,
Seemingly serene and quiet
Running with a deafening roar,
Beseeching you to come back
And not hurt my core
My love, see my tears
Apparently looking dry
Perceive my dormant fears
And hear my tacit cry
The sadness that I felt
Is buried in my heart
The way I laugh and smile
Is a cultivated art

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