Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



When we ponder more
Get the blessings more
Near the beach listen
Sound of the shore

At night watch the moon
Talk him lord blessed soon
I learnt you learn about pain

We try meditate ourselves
Feel happiness for others
Leave ego get peace
It may be in India or in Greece

Love all think for all blessings
Pray for them they will for you
Let us have silence for welfare
Peace may be here peace may be there

Think about those wounds which are torn crying for help love all
Give your hand who want your hand care them who are physically challenged

Pray for world health pray for wisdom and stay blessed
When no one will be sad
Whole world will laugh

Thank God for me in silence
Bless silence to others
Live life full of peace.



O !men I know them who steal others dream but are in the web
Full of gloom despair staggered
These frivolity and imposter

Vagabonds move to and fro
Full of confidence sincerity
In their voice live pathetic life

Far far from values of kindness
Sing their songs of theft
O! my lord help them come
For their insight

Have sympathy towards them
Can return on their right track
They are in trap of greed
Teach them lesson of love

Live their life full of prayer
Don’t go gloomy in the grave
Give them chance to be brave

My lord pardon them for their wrong people look angrily at them.



Don’t underestimate
my power my tears may
be my strength I’ve given
birth to God and Goddess

I’m the symbol of love
and sacrifice I feed to a
brave and a cowered
I can break the rocks
melt the lion with my tears

My love is forever
as a mother a beloved
or a daughter make a
home of happiness
to others

People respect me
as a mother an iron
lady of tears I’ve patience
love in my rock heart of
a mother

I’m as strong as a lion
I’m as meek as a rat
I’ve fears of my sons and
daughters love is my
weakness and my power.


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