In December / Poem by Kairat Duissenov Parman

Poem by Kairat Duissenov Parman



This time my English versions that I prepared have completely changed. I this time more felt that my stock of English words is very small. And so I believe that this version was not translated by me, but by Waheed Musah from Ghana. I really appreciate my friend. Many thanks to Mr. Waheed!

In December

(I dedicate this to our heroes who bravely fought for for the December uprising in 1986 in Almaty. It is this sacrifice of young heroes that brought freedom to our people! And so it’s a great honor for me that I was one of them)

While cold wind and ice
Frost biting my bosom and bootleg
I thought that we would most likely be punished by the winter cold
Believed that we will be supported by the communist party and the motherland
Would see how we fought to achieve equality.
Fervent youth leaning forward
Demanding the promise of Lenin
They turned as if they made a political blunder.
They fell in a crowd from the impact of an iron truncheon of special forces
That’s how the Kazakh people gained independence!
Then onwards, the Part punished its young communist League
It was a pain in my back as if I had been spilled with salt.
To die “from the cudgel” of his own father,
How did I bravely go to the square without being frightened
Nothing cab be done against five armed people,
On this day, faced with oppressors waited for death,
Realizing it was the last breath of my heroeswihout bending his head they fought like the fortress
On this day, very Kazakh stood before his dearh,
They went to about life like real heroes they bravely fought with their bare hands against the armed,
Many ardent young men were injured, the injuries caused deaths
Feeling the pain that the body will ache and the poison will be forgotten
Not paying attention to the cols that bears death
Who gave spirit and strength to the men and was nearby
I saw the then courageous heroine of Kazakh girls
Thats how heroes on the road fought for the freedom of their people
Was a victim of the communist party
Who was a “father”


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